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    What's wrong with wi-fi calling?

      Why is wifi calling so unreliable? It'd gives me error 90 and 09 ALL the time and even when I restart the wifi calling won't work. I bought this my touch specifically for the calling since I get no t-mobile calling at home and this was the t-force solution. But of it doesn't work it isn't worth the trouble.

      Please fix this instead of adding flashy features to your apps, I would think you's prize usability over stupid graphics and ring tones.


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          hi robholcomb, is this the error tha you see on your phone??  Error: 'REG09:.....if this is it, you need to add the 911 address on your my t-mobile account... hope this help.

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            Sorry, yes, the error is REG09 and when I don't get that I get REG99 error. During the setup the CS agent went through the 911 address setup and it was just the way it's supposed to be, with my most used wifi calling connection as the 911 address (home).


            Every night when I get home I make sure wifi is off, restart the phone and then start wifi. I then see a red icon most commonly with one of those two error codes in the status message. I start crying when my friend pulls out his iPad and gets on youtube and streams videos in no time at all.


            This isn't working! Aaarghg!!  Don't any t-mobile people troll these "support" forums and give useful advise? I'm ready to send the phone back.

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              The error: ‘REG99: Unable to Connect’ may appear when Wi-Fi  Calling is active and connected to certain routers or devices. This indicates  the device is not able to connect to Wi-Fi Calling.


              Turn off WiFi Calling then turn it back on.  If this does not work, turn off the phone, wait several seconds, and then turn  it back on.


              try to delete apps that you have downloaded within 24 hours before the issue started.


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                Hi sniper,

                Thank you for the suggestions, but having to go through this every time I want to use wifi calling is not very practical. I expect it to operate transparently, but perhaps that is too much to expect from t-mobile. My spouse has a different carrier and they provided her with a VOIP device that is rock solid, works transparently and she NEVER misses a call when she's at home in our cell phone hole.


                The issue with REG99 and REG09 has occured since day one. The REG09 error is particulary troubling because it shows me the error is on the t-mobile end, it happens at home at at work.

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                  Is your wifi for internet working by   itself on the phone?

                  I have no problem with calling on mine at all.

                  I would also check your router and make sure is using wpa security and if it has n try disabling that. Have that seen cause that problem.

                  Also I would make sure you are on the newest Sim card

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                    Hi theartizan,

                    Yes the wifi works fine for downloading apps and retreiving emails, but I cannot receive voice calls or SMS text messages.

                    The CS rep that helped me set up the phone had me replace the SIM with a new one, then we went through the setting for the modem, use a preshared key and not WPA. The error REG09 regarding missing 911 info suggests that the phone is able to contact t-mobile, but the response is incorrect since there is a 911 address connected to my phone account.


                    The phone is a t-mobile(LG) my Touch 4G, I like everything else about this phone.

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                        can you try this?


                        MyT-Mobile steps


                        1. Go to www.my.t-mobile.com and log in to your MyT-Mobile account. 
                        2. Under Manage, click Your profile. 
                        3. Under Customer information, click Edit. 
                        4. Click Customer info. 
                        5. Enter your home address and click the Save changes button when finished.Note: Allow up to one hour for the 9-1-1 address to update.
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                          Hi sniper,

                          I entered my 911 address when I set up the phone originally. And have verified it by logging into my account through my PC browser and through my phone browser. Both show my valid address inder 911 address. This happens to be the billing, and shipping address for my account, but I NEVER have problems getting my t-Mobile bill! lol


                          What does "REG99: Cannot connect" mean? I see it regularly also when I attempt to use wifi calling on my phone. Does that mean the t-mobile network is unreachable? Is there a port I should open on my router?


                          Thanks for all the help here! I'd really like this to work!

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                            For Error: 'REG09: Missing 911 address': IMS Wi-Fi Calling.


                            This issue affects the following devices:


                            • HTC Amaze
                            • LG MyTouch
                            • LG Mytouch Q
                            • Samsung Galaxy S II 
                            • Samsung Galaxy S
                            • Blaze 4G 
                            • Blackberry Torch
                            • Blackberry Bold



                            by the way, as far as i know for wifi calling.. did you ask the rep if he added the wifi calling feature on your account? its for free in all postpaid account. it might be thats the reason why you are unable to connect to wifi. And one more thing, did have you already contact the manufacturer of your router? you also need to contact them for further assistance.


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                              I guess t-Mobile gave the thread an "assumed answered" status because they have nothing to offer.


                              I'll agree with them, there is an issue, they have no answer, and aren't willing to do anything about it to ameliorate the wifi calling issue. Especially if it's a KNOWN ISSUE with the phones sniper listed.


                              As for contacting the router manufacturer, this isn't an issue for Motorola. But does t-Mobile have a list of compatible routers? They used to "give away" a Linksys router that they claimed was compatible.


                              Now it's too late to return the phone, so I'm stuck with another 2 years of poor service at home. Thank you t-Mobile for bending over backward to respond to the issue, moving it from one topic to another doesn't quialify as answering the question.


                              I'll be moving my kids to AT&T in June when their contracts are up, and then I'll follow asap!

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                                Can you provide an answer?

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                                  The problem still exists t-Mobile! A little help would be appreciated!!!!!

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                                    just a suggestion but with wifi calling and the uma calling it works best if your router is on channel 1,6,11 one of those the channels inbetween don't work good with this feature so pick the one that is best in your area the least used.

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