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    Battery Issues

      I recently switched from iphone to galaxy s2 and it is taking me a while to adjust.  I am starting to really like the S2 and have it set up the way I like but I am having a hard time keeping the phone charged for a full day.  I am a pretty light user.  I just text, a couple calls, email, and some light app use, no games, hardly any video..


      I have tried playing around with the settings, I have been trying some different battery saving apps but I have not had much success yet.  Last night I tried the power saver mode in settings and also turned off background sync..  This seems to work pretty well but you can't turn it on before 70%.  Tongiht at work in 4 hours my phone went from 99% to 66% !!!  It was in my pocket!  zero tasks running!  This was shocking to me and I cannot figure it out.


      Any reccomendations on prolonging battery life?

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          Kind of the nature of the beast.  You phone is always multitasking so even when it appears to be doing nothing it's doing something.  Recommemd go to Menu>Settings>Task Manager then scroll over to Help for internal tips about saving battery life.  I don't use any of the "apps" to save battery life a I'm sure they may contribute to the problem and are probably loaded with links to advertisements (yet another problem that is inherent to Android) . Turning down your screen brightness to the lowest seting will help.  Also make sure things like Wi-fi and GPS are turned off if you're not using them. If you still can't stomach the way you GSII burns through batteries than a comprimise must be made.  You culd sacrafice vanity for longevity.


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            That all makes sense but 99% to 66% in 4 hours in my pocket doing nothing with all tasks closed!!!  Isnt that a bit much??

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              I have found the biggest battery drains to be the phone antenna, having account auto-sync on, the wifi antenna, and GPS.


              By turning account auto-sync off (but with background data on, I can almost always get through the day.  And Google Voice will work just fine for receiving text messages or voicemail with auto-sync off, and though gmail or most other apps won't be sync'd until I expressly refrresh them, I find that between 4G and wifi, once I do refresh them, they sync and download what they need pretty quickly.  So I don't find turning auto-sync off to be a drawback -- in fact I prefer a phone with no blinky lights or notifications anyway.


              These days I am often in places surrounded by wi-fi, and with Groove IP on the phone (or perhap's tmo's wifi calling which I can't use), I can often turn off the phone antenna completely by placing the phone in flight mode and then turning wifi back on.


              It sounds like a dumb way to use the phone, but between turning the phone antenna off and auto-sync off, my phone will just barely trickle down when *I am not using it*, and the battery usage meter will show the phone actually sleeps *when I am not using it* and just doesn't keep waking to pull in a new piece of information that I don't care about.


              And again with wifi and 4G speeds, once I manually refresh the phone, or turn auto sync on for a few minutes, the data is all nicely and quickly pulled down.


              My phone has currently been on and unplugged for 24 hours and 15 minutes, and is at 43% full and "Battery Monitor Widget" estimates it can go on another 14 hours.  (However, in the past 24 hours I've made no phone calls with this phone, though I have used it for text messages, check voicemail, email, make short nav trips, and reading the web.)


              The other thing I do is to use the built in battery usage charge to determine which apps are battery pigs and then turn off their sync, or find new apps. For example, I have found some calendar and task apps that use background data correctly and take up very little battery while maintaining sync, and I have found others that just spend all day spinning cpu cycles seemingly doing nothing but using up the battery.  So I get rid of the real battery pigs -- there are plenty of apps in the sea.

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                I'd highly recommend uninstallig all the battery saving apps and just using the default settings to moniter your battery.  I like to completely discharge my battery every 2 months until it turns its self off and won't turn on.  Then I allow it to charge 100%.

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                  Each to his/her own but what's the purpose of flight mode and wi-fi? During this time no one can call you, you can't recieve text messages or voice mail it's kinda like having a home phone. In my opinion it kind of defeats the purpose of havng a device that connects you to the rest of the world.  But if it works for you it works for you.

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                    I make 100% of my phone calls using a Google Voice number.  Google Voice works terrifically over either a phone connection or a wifi connection (using Groove IP), OR using a SIP app and a SIP number connected to my Google Voice account.


                    So unless I am out of a wifi range I never need the phone signal.  Which means at home, at work, at most coffee houses, etc., I don't need the phone signal to make or receive calls. (And I actually find that the phone signal takes more power than the wifi signal.)


                    If I am in the car or out of wifi range, I turn the phone on.


                    But yes, at other times, I do find myself not allowing the phone to interrupt me and letting all calls go to voice mail which Google Voice does a reasonable job of transcribing into english which does get sync' to the phone even when auto-sync is off.


                    It's actually pretty nice to have a phone that doesn't beep, boop, ping or flash lights all day long but that still lets me make/receive calls when I wish, and gets voicemail and texts for me that I can read ... when I wish.


                    You're going to hate me for this too.  The default ringtone and notification tone is SILENT.  A very few people get a ringtone with an actual sound.  My kids. Some girlfriends.  That's about it.

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                      I do agree that apart from "Battery Monitor Widget" and "My Data Manager" I have no apps like Juice Defender anxiously turning everything off and then back on and then off and then on, off and on at obnoxious times.  And I don't do automatic task killers either.


                      I just turn off the phone signal and auto-sync.

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                        Like I said each to his/her own.  Although I couldn't do anything about it I would just hate to find out a family emergency though a voicemail.  Just me.

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                          Hey no problem.


                          I've actually learned to read what other people write before responding.  You might try that sometime.


                          It's why I wrote that my kids have ringtones that ring.

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                            Nah, due to the fact I'm getting out ot the Navy today actually I need my phone, because I need to answer when opportunity calls.

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                              Some good tips jerry, thanks.  Probably a little too extreme for me but I like the simple approach and it sounds like you get great battery life.  The samsung power saver seems to work for me pretty well but as far as I can tell, it can't be turned on before the battery gets to 70%? 


                              I prefer to just check my email by going into the email app and having it refresh that way.  On my iphone, I turned off most push notifications also.  One problem I am having is that android/ios have different terms for the same thing so I am trying to figure out what is what..


                              Could you explain the difference to me between background sync and autosync?

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                                Could you explain the difference to me between background sync and autosync?


                                It's not terribly clear.


                                My take is that Background data needs to be on for any application to send/receive data from any server anywhere if you are not using that app at that moment.


                                But some apps, not all, are directly related to a Google Account (or Facebook Account) and promote a higher level of communication where the accounts are in sync to send/receive photos, email, calendars, etc.


                                So with account auto-sync off, that shuts down the account related apps, letting other apps still speak, but which apps and why?  I can't quite figure out the rationale.


                                The rationale that seems to make sense is that the auto-syncing stuff that gets turned of is nice stuff, but not critical stuff.  Stuff that can be quickly sent/retrieved manually without causing hell for you or your device.


                                So Voice will communicate when auto-sync is off but background is on, because yes, phone calls are considered critical to pick up in a timely fashion, but email is not critical in that sense.


                                But honestly, it kind of beats me.

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                                  Yeah me too, I just downloaded user manual, I am going to see if I can find out more info.  I think you are pretty much correct though.  I just like to know exactly what is going on.


                                  Hey, an unrelated question..  I sometimes get these junk notifications, like I just won an ipad or 25 free ringtones.  I click on it and it opens a web browser.. How can I stop this, it seems to happen every couple days or so..

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                                    If they are junk notifications and not just email or text message spam, check to see if you have some malware called "airpush".


                                    Visit Google Play and download Airpush Detector


                                    Airpush is a nasty little company who founder and employees should just be taken out into the desert and provided three fully loaded glocks and one moped.  They spam people through notifications and if Google/Tmo/AT&T/HTC/Samsung/... wanted to do their customers a favor they would send a team of crack ninja lawyers over to their office to taser everyone to jelly.


                                    But if it's not Airpush, I'm not sure what it is.

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