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        Ok.So,the phone i got it 3 months ago new with 2.2 already instaled.

        The sim is 1 year old.

        I don't think so I have aps that can go wrong with the wifi calling.

        The issues is not all the time.

        The main issue is disconecting the call after few minutes(can be 2,can be 8).

        Yes,the icon is blue all the time.

        I'm not familiar with hotspot.

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          1)  Make sure you have a "uicc sim".  It looks like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UICC  I was having trouble with my connections and changing to this sim helped.  T-Mo should give you one for free.  And just because your "old" one works in another phone doesn't mean it will work in the Defy. 


          ALSO if you took your SIM from a g2x it could be the problem:  Although this problem was -- at that time -- due to this SIM in the g2x, it may very well be trouble in other phones: (this is from t-mo).


          "If your SIM has a TM9177, that means you have one of our NEW 3G-G(GBA) SIM cards. Sadly, there is a known issue with the G2x using WiFi calling with this new SIM. It is due to a technical issue, but to resolve this:


          If you are using a GBA SIM card, it will need to be replaced with a UICC SIM card.


          Important: Do NOT order a SIM card over the phone. You will receive a GBA SIM. Contact a retail T-Mobile store and determine if they have a UICC SIM card that is NOT a TM9177, and it can be replaced and activated there."

          (this was posted on the developer's site and not sure I am allowed to link)



          2) When you say 2 to 8 minutes for disconnect, I assume you mean the call, not wifi itself.  If so, does this happen when you are using a different wifi system or just yours? 

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            I have a TM9073...is this a good sim for this phone?

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              Thanks for help.

              After few minutes is disconnecting the  call and wifi calling too.and have to wait to connect again.

              I will check what sim she have.

              I never tried another wifi connection.

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                Look at the link I provided showing a pic of a uicc sim.  Is it a uicc?  If not, get a uicc.  When I got my Defy I used a SIm that was in my G1 and it cause all kinds of trouble until I switched to a uicc. 

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                  The sim say Tm9073

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                    9073 is a uicc and what I changed to when I needed an upgrade.  9073 is the SIM that seems to be used to replace the 9177 in the g2x.  But, did you just take this sim out of a previous phone or did you buy it new for your Defy?  All I know is uicc sims are designed to "handle" data.  I do not know if that means "stores" data.  I believe so, thus a data conflict between phones is possible.


                    Look, the first thing you have to do is see if you are having the same issues on A DIFFERENT wifi.  Your problems could be your own router.  The BEST place to check is a t-mo wifi hotspot (not a 3G hot spot).  For example, I have a Starbucks near me that is a t-mo wifi hotspot.  Go on line and do a search for hotspots on t-mo's site.  OR go to a friend/business etc. with a wifi and try theirs.


                    If you are still having issues I would still suspect the sim card, especially if you took it out of an older phone.  What I did was called t-mo and said I was having wifi-calling connection issues. They told me to go to a hotspot and try.  I made sure I got an "incident" number.  Phone still had issues at hotspot.  Called them back and they put in my file that I was entirtled to a free sim. 


                    I then went to a retail store, they looked my record up, gave me the new sim and activated it for me. 


                    The other possibility, which can cause all kinds of issues on the Defy, is an incompatible or incorrectly formatted SD card.  So, if you are using an after market memory card, you might try the one that came with the phone to see if that helps. 

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                      Yes I took the card from the vibrant.Belive me I movt from Chicago here and I don't have even Starbucks or Tmobile store.Maibe is my router but for g2x work fine.Thanks again for replay.

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                        Did T-mobile send you a booster without a new contract...They swear up and down that there is no way they can do this for me without signing a new contract. If they did this for you, I would like to get some info from you to use against them.

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                          If I were you, nideleaa, I would try a new Sim if you can get one from t-mo. 


                          As far as "boosters" go, I don't understand why you do not use the wifi-calling app built into the phone. 

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                            hy.Now I'm using wifi calling.Just got my third defy replacement becouse the screen stop working and seems that is no more problems with wifi calling.Booster was offered to me back on november without contract extension.I have to return that.

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                              You keep saying offered. Did they send you a booster? I am trying to get one without signing a 2 year contract. Please private mail me and give me your tmobile number so that I can show csr that they can send me a booster without a contract. Thanks, Wes

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                                Its the phone and I'm, in the same boat as you.  This one is my third and it is just as bad as the first!!  All T-mobile wants to do is give me another one....NO THANK YOU!!!

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