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    Missed calls everyday


      Having major problems with missed calls. Phone goes straight to VM. I have to power cycle it to start getting calls. Went to t-mobile store to complain again. They stated that it is a know 'issue' and had T-mobile send me a replacement phone. Phone arrived last week. Seems to work better, but after a few days it starts to power cycle. Twice on Monday. Then yesterday it starts power cycling again and I get no service, even after I pull the battery. I'm sure I got someone's referbed phone that they did not fix. Phone number 3 is on the way now.


      On another note, the new custermer service line is ****. When you call in you have to listen to you ballance and answer if you would like to make a payment before you can talk to a CSR. NO I DO NOT WANT TO PAY MY BILL NOW SINCE I HAVE NO SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Try a replacement SIM and see if it helps your issues.


          As for going directly to a CSR, you have to tell the automated system what you want first so you can get to someone who can directly deal with that situation. After that, tell it "agent" and you'll be directed to the next available rep.


          i.e. Phone orders > agent.

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            Have you checked to see if you are eligible for the free signal booster?


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              O yes they have offered as long as I sign up for a 2 year contract....I am counting down the days till my contract ends...there is no way I would sign another contract after having problems for over a year with little or no support....BTW I am in a very good area..there is no reason I should need a booster here and my service used to be great and at times a have great signal....I have also actually had a CSR call me back and e-mail me, with no solution as of yet.I haven't heard from them in over a week and so I e-mailed her back today and guess what...i got a email back that her email box was full......now there is a joke for you A FULL E-MAIL BOX....

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                OK, you've determined it's not the phone, but reception in your area.  You have tried wifi-calling with wifi set to not sleep?  And you have set wifi-calling for the preference you like?  So looks like these are your choices:


                1) Use wifi-calling when at home (my wife and I both do about 85% of the time with it set to prefer cell if avail).


                2) Get a signal booster.


                3) Convince T-mo they have a "bad" tower and will fix.


                4) Go to another carrier (assuming another carrier has a strong signal in your home area. 

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                  I do #1 now. I am at #3 att, but not sure if they are really looking into the tower. I would do #2 if they offered without a new contract. #4 is about 4 months away.


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                    OK... so, is wifi-calling not working for you?  My son is on AT&T (reception in our house is a litttle better on t-mo than AT&T) and he had to get a repeater, which is not great, maybe others are better.  If wifi-calling works for you, it means you can run wifi at home all the time, get data-free updates, downloads etc., and still have your calling, text etc.  So if wifi-calling works... I don't quite get why you would NOT want to use it.  In which case, at home at least, who cares what your signal is like? 

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                      even wifi is not 100% effective. I still have missed calls even with my modem set up correctly. everyone is still missing the point. I HAVE LIVED AT THE SAME LOCATION FOR 14 YEARS. I HAVE HAD T-MOBILE FOR 10 YEARS AND I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE LAST YEAR. They have a problem and it takes an act of congress to get them to troubleshoot it. If I hear one more person to ask me to replace my sim card......................sorry just very frustrated

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                        So my wife's defy have issues with wifi calling.All the settings are right and she still have mised calls.She is already on the second device.I really don't like that phone.It was offered like replacement for vibrant.T mobile has no solution to fix the issue.My g2x is working fine.I was offered a signal booster for free without 2 years extension but is not working.I'm tired to call and call again Tmobile.Defy is really slow in my opinion.We will just wait for few more months and upgrate to something better.

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                          Yes in the back of my mind I concede that my Defy could be part of the problem..possibly bad reception due to the phone but my wife also has missed calles on occasion with her HTC 4g phone. She just doesn't get the volumn of calls that i get.I WOULD BE OPEN TO GETTING A FREE BOOSTER....are you monitoring this tmobile...hint hint nudge nudge....My big problem is that I am very rough on phones and did not upgrade to a smart phone until the defy came out. I have droped this phone at least 50 times, even in water puddles. Now, of course, I couldn't do without a smart phone. My next move would probally be Verizon Casio G'zOne Commando.

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                            nideleaa -- When you say missed calls, do you mean they go to voice mail or you do not get them at all?  Did you put a 911 address on your t-mo profile?  Some people have complained of issues until they made that change.  Are you registering OK on the network with wifi-calling? 


                            And weswitt, no one is missing the point, we're just trying to help you find a work around.  It sounds like there is a bad tower or interference if your phone works everywhere else. 

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                              It is not going even to voicemail.The person who call me they hear the ring non stop without going to voicemail.The 911 adress is set ok.The fix is that I have to tale out the battery.Another issue is that when somebody call her and she pick up after few minutes is desconecting.That is not all the time.With the vibrant was not this problem and not with my g2x.Onli defy.

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                                And this only happens when you are using wifi-calling?  Or also with regular cell reception? 


                                If you get missed calls that don't go to voicemail (with wifi-calling) that's usually a sign that your wifi is going to sleep or somehow being interrupted.  First thing I would do is make sure you have your wifi set to never sleep. 


                                How have you set your preferences under wifi calling?  If you set it to "cellular-preferred", the phone will look for a cell signal and if it can't find one, then it will use wifi for calling.  Sometimes that can cause issues. 

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                                  It hsppend onli over wi fi calling.Wifi sleep is set to never.The pteference is set to wifi onli.I have the same settings like g2x.How I said even Tmobile couldn not find a fix for this issue and I don't want to go thru another excenges.My wife alreadi hate this phone.Thanks for the help.

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                                    OK, if you don't mind could I ask you:


                                    1) Did your phone come with 2.2 installed or did you upgrade it from 2.1?  If you did upgrade, did you do a master reset?  And not the one listed on the phone, but the correct 2.2 reset?


                                    2) Is it possible you have installed an app that is interfering with the wifi-calling? 


                                    3) Do ALL of your missed calls on wifi-calling not go to voice mail.  In other words, is ti 100%?  If so, you might test it at a t-mo wifi hotspot.  That might elliminate your router as an issue.


                                    4) How long ago did you buy the phone and how long ago did you upgrade the SIM?


                                    5) And you're sure that wifi-calling actually connects -- you see the little blue icon?

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