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        Err I mean cm9 not CNET

        stupid Swype

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          im confused on which one do i click on. when i download the lg mobile update application there's more then one lgp999 which one would i chose to get this update on my phone?

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            Pull the battery and look at the model number under there.

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              Thanks lol I didn't even know the model number was on the bottom on the battery.

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                No problem.

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                  when i try to update it the lg tool updater said i have the lastest verison but i still have the samething android 2.3.3. so im guessing they took the update off.

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                    From what I read on Tmo news

                    Was up they took it down for a while but should be back up.

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                      yeah i know i should have checked it because when i plugged my phone to my desktop the lg mobile update thing just installed and asked if i wanted to update but i didnt know of any update that was going to the g2x. lol oh well i guess i have to wait or maybe their send it out ota.

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                        What was this update about?

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                          It updated the OS version from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4, and provided some performance improvements (at least on my phone it did).  While I didn't have the problems that plagued other G2X phones, my battery life has improved significantly, screen response times are faster and smoother, calls are clearer, and the colors look brighter.  With WIFI calling, whereas I used to have problems with the call quality, even that is much better (WIFI calling is a must for me at work).  My GPS was not a problem before, but it does appear to lock quicker than before.  And, these are just the things that I have noticed since Monday.  I haven't used the camera or music player yet, and I normally use my phone for GPS tracking when I'm walking and running, but I haven't tested that yet.  I plan to do that tonight.  I have 3 email accounts constantly polling and Tweetcaster constantly refreshing.  I've just been slowly adding in my regular apps to see if any of them will cause a problem, but so far so good.


                          The biggest thing for me was the battery life.  I would normally unplug my phone at 6A, and end up having to charge it again by 10P, with it at about 8% or so left.  On that same schedule, at about 10P, I still have about 40% of a charge left, and this is with my normal use.  For me, that's a huge improvement!

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                            Hi there everyone.  I'm sorry for any confusion here.  We are aware that some customers have updated their phones using software available through LG.  However, at this time, the software has not been officially released. 


                            We are currently working with LG to officially release the latest software for the T-Mobile G2x.  This software update will provide greater software stability and performance enhancements.  It is also designed to address reports of the device randomly powering  off or restarting unexpectedly. We will make the announcement about the software update's official release here in the community when it is available.


                            Our apologies again for any confusion that been caused and we will work as quickly as we can to get the software officially available for everyone.

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                              That's nice.Battery is for shure big issue and the powering off too.U are lucky.

                              I really like this phone.

                              T mobile thanks for your response.

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                                Ain't that the truth strat! LOL.

                                Lucky I got it when I did.

                                The force procedure to update the file was very difficult looking.

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                                  What confusion? I updated and my phone is running the best it ever has, and I came from 4.0.4. ICS

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                                    One thing that sucks is the baseband, which is awesome, is not compatible with any other roms.  I thought you guys eol'ed the G2x? When we getting ics?

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