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    Trade In?

      I've always been a fan of HTC, and really want to get a mytouch slide 4g! The problem is I have a new two year contract. My parents bought me a sidekick 4g in june because I was still using my old one. Is there any way that I could trade in the sidekick for this HTC phone? If not is there any other ways to get it without paying $600.

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          Have you thought about selling your sidekick on eBay? The other option is to see if you can extend your contract or if your parents have an upgrade on their account.
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            a new line usually does the trick in getting a new phone for a reasonable price as well ... but then that may prove too costly with a new data plan or cancelling the line after you got the phone lol


            you can also check out the TMO trade-in option to see how much it's worth without breaking your contract.




            just input the make and model of your phone and they'll show you how much it's worth.  if ofcourse you can't get a reasonable deal on eBay or Craigslist.

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              me too! anyone have any idea?

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                I bought the Mytouch 4G Slide for $349 with installments and sold my Mytouch 4G on ebay the same day for $300.  It's probably the best route!  Got the new upgrade for only $50!!!