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    Nokia E52 - UMA & 3G / 4G

      Hi, I have a few questions regarding my Nokia E52.


      1. UMA

      2. 3G / 4G

      3. picture message settings



      1. UMA

      I read that T Mobile supports UMA and I was wondering if my Nokia phone supports it and if so, how to enable it / if I have to set certain settings and if so, where those settings are at.



      2. 3G / 4G

      I have not the best service in my area (Moorhead, MN), mostly no service in any buildings. So I tried to switch UMTS / WCDMA but I have no service in that. On which frequency is t-mobile operating?

      The E52 supports the following frequencies:

      • GSM 850
      • GSM 900
      • GSM 1800
      • GSM 1900
      • UMTS (WCDMA 850)
      • UMTS (WCDMA 900)
      • UMTS (WCDMA 2100)

      source: http://www.nokia.com/de-de/produkte/smartphones-und-handys/e52/technische-daten/



      3. I have problems figguring out what the correct settings are to receive picture messages on my E52.

      I found the following site: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-3091


      I also tried to reset the settings my going to: Control Panel->Sett. wizard

      Then when I check the settings, I have the following ones:


      Connection name: MMS

      Data bearer: Packet data

      Access point name: wap.voicestream.com

      User name: nokia

      Prompt Password: No


      Authentication: Normal


      Use access point: Automatically


      Advanced Settings:

      Network type: IPv4

      Phone IP address: Automatic

      DNS addresses: Automatic

      Proxy server address:

      Proxy port number: 8080


      Are these settings correct?

      I already get charged for receiving picture messages (according to my account), but I never received those messages on my phone.

      What do I wrong?



      Thanks in advance for the help!

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            Hi, could someone please at least give me the correct settings in order to work picture messages?


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              Hi lucaski,


              Sounds like you've done a lot of troubleshooting.  Although T-Mobile cannot guarantee full functionality of non T-Mobile phones, we should be able to get most of this working for you.


              1. Unfortunately, there's limited support for UMA on non T-Mobile devices. 


              2. Your device does not support both 1700/2100 bands required for 3G, so I would recommend leaving it on GSM.  T-Mobile is refarming the network to support 1900 band to include 3G data support; but for now you will likely get EDGE Internet speeds (depending on your coverage area). 


              3.  I see you tried voicestream.  Did you also try "epc.tmobile.com" -The specified item was not found.



              Hope this helps!




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                Hi Candace,

                thanks for your reply.


                3. MMS:

                So I got the correct settings figgured out.

                When a nokia phones retrieves / reads the settings from the USA t-mobile SIM card, (Control Panel --> Sett. wizard) it gets mostly all the settings right, besides the username, so instead of "nokia" the username has to be blank



                Ok, then I guess I will have to live with just GSM, so 3G coverage doesnt work with just WCDMA 2100 or with 850 / 900?) I don't really want to use 3G for data, I'd just like to have more bars...


                1. I read through the entire thread that you posted and this one here as well:



                a) First of all my question is, do you on T-Mobiles site have to activate UMA on my line or is it automatically activated?

                b) Are there certain settings to be set?

                c) Since my phone is an EU version it comes with different factory certificates. One reason why UMA might not work is because I do not have any t-mobile certificates on my phone (under Control Panel-->Settings-->General-->Security-->Certificate Managment-->Authority Certificates)

                I got this picture from the nokia forum, I do not have any of the following certificates.



                Maybe if I install the following certificates it will work:

                T-Mobile USA Inc Engineering and Operations CA

                T-Mobile USA Inc Root CA


                Where can I download them?


                Thanks again!

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                  So I found 2 of the certificates here and installed them on my phone:



                  UMA is still not working. Which settings do I have to set in order to get it working?


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                    UMA isnt working yet, any help???