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    Updating the kindle app

      My phone keeps notifing me to update my kindle app.  When I try, after the download, I get a error telling me to unistall the app and reinstall it.  Since it is part of the bundled software with the phone, I can not do that.


      How do I either unintall the app or turn off this constant notification

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          I figured out the constant notification, but still have the update issue

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            I too am having this problem, has anyone contacted you about how to fix this?

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              I have called the Kindle people and they said it was part of the software installed on the phone by the carrier.  Sounds logical and I believe them.  Hence, I called T-Mobile.


              Since, something like this is not part of the T-Mobile script they have in front of them, they were lost.  Totally useless.


              I turned off the notification feature.  The kindle app still works, but all the reading is done on a Kindle Fire.


              I have filed this situation away as a consideration when my contract expires later this year.

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                I just spent an hour on the phone with TMobile support - and she even contacted Motorola for me. The bottom line is that you cannot update Kindle on the Motorola Blur or Defy - the software just won't let you. I saw someone say you can root the phone but this will undo your warranty. I too will take this into consideration when my contract expires.

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                  Hi srtechguy,

                       If you are having an issue the app specifically and not with your services, this is an issue with the application itself, and not your T-Mobile services. Are you attempting to update on wi-fi or the T-Mobile network? Has this issue occured with any other apps? As xanderfirefly mentioned, there is no way to remove pre-installed apps from your phone without voiding the warranty.

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                    Let me try explaining this one more time.


                    It is a fact that the kindle app came installed on the phone.  That means either Motorola or T-Mobile put it there.




                    Fact number 2 is the update for the kindle app results in an error that instructs one to unistall the orginal app


                    that equals


                    That the orginal app installed by either T-Mobile or Motorola is responsible and must be the one to instruct one on how to resolve the problem.


                    Now, from the customer point of view, if neither responsible party can not step up and solve this, it tends to make the customer (you all remember them, the group that actually spends money on the products that results in employment of folks at T-Mobile or Motorola), it makes the customer think twice before spending more money with those vendors in the future.

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                      With this it is not that simple to just easily resolve.

                      With Motorola or any maker they do have these pre installed applications that if not working right and cant update it needs a system software update to solve.

                      Those do take time to release.

                      With that being said, is this phone in question running the 2.1 update?

                      If not you can try updating to that.

                      If that don't fix it then it is a problem with the way that app is currently installed.

                      Can try doing a master reset to make nothing is stuck it its data and try updating again.

                      If that fails then it is a bad app that was preinstalled by motorola and will need to have motorola produce a software update to fix.

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                        I appreciate the reply from theartiszan.


                        My phone is running version 2.2.1 of android


                        I have cleared the data for the app


                        A master reset is not worth my time and I stated earlier, I am the customer and as soon as my contract is up later this year I will have a choice.

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                          I'm so glad I found this thread.  I have been having this problem, and at least now I know to just give up.  I don't use the Kindle app, and it's really just irritating to keep getting the reminder to "update" it and then get the error message and then not be able to uninstall!


                          I will try to figure out how to turn off the notification instead.