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    Wi Fi calling problem

      I definitely have the WiFi and the WiFi calling turned on and active.  My WiFi connection preference is set to Wi-Fi preferred.  Wi-Fi works to access the internet and Wi-Fi calling works for incoming calls, but not for outgoing calls.  When I dial the number, I cannot hear any ringing, but the party at the other end hears their phone ringing.  Then when they answer, I cannot hear them answer and they cannot hear me if I say anything.  I spoke with TMobile support about 3-4 days ago and they said they would look into the problem, but it still has not been corrected. 


      Does anyone else have this problem or have any idea how it can be corrected?

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          My Wifi Calling started with outgoing calls immediately ending or if it worked the audio would cut in and out every few seconds. Now the calling works (fixed itself basically), but the audio still cuts in and out rendering it still useless. Basically I have to ignore every call and call back on my house phone. I do not get signal here, so I have no choice but to text, use a walkie talky app, or the house phone. Wifi Calling worked on my old phone perfectly and does for the other two people in the house, but I am the only Amaze 4G user who pays a nice chunk of change for a phone I can't really use. 


          The "solution" supposedy is a restore, which I didn't do and still won't do because it's a pain in the **** and I shouldn't have to restore a BRAND new phone.

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            One of the main reasons I bought this expensive phone was the Wi-Fi calling ability because I do not get real good, reliable and consistant service in and around my house.  From what you say, even if I get the Wi-Fi calling to work, the audio may not be good anyway.  I am still waiting for TMobile to respond to me.


            Also, the T Mobile salesman talked me into changing plans and I don't know how he did it.  People usually can't slip these things past me, but he somehow convinced me that the new plan would be better for about the same price.  After I got home and thought about it, I realized that I have fewer minutes and my contract is extended for an additional 6 months.  I'm not a happy camper right now.,

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              See I don't have that problem at all.

              When I activated the new sim card and have good wifi signal (2 or great bars) it works fine and I don't have any audio problems.

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                The audio could be only me, but I have no idea if it is. I haven't tested on other Wifi networks other than my own. The two other people in my house, one with a myTouch 4G Slide (what I had previosuly) and the other a Samsung Exhibit 4G, both work fine. I am hopeful an update will fix my issue. You would think T-Mobile would have an app that tests your wifi network specifically for Wifi Calling so you can know if it's a network issue or if it is the local wifi network. Hopefully someone else with an Amaze 4G will comment and say if they experience what either of us do.

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                  theartiszan wrote:


                  See I don't have that problem at all.

                  When I activated the new sim card and have good wifi signal (2 or great bars) it works fine and I don't have any audio problems.


                  Well maybe I'll try to restore the phone, but I have had issues since day 1. Seems like everytime you have an issue that is technical, the suggested solution is to restore. I am pretty sure I didn't buy a Windows phone.

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                    A current gen Windows phone would be an improvement.

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                      You mean where wifi calling wouldn't work at all? Lol

                      They don't support it.

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                        I don't understand the first part, so I may be misunderstanding -  but Wifi Calling is supported on this phone.

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                          On the amaze yes.

                          I was referring to the windows phone comment.

                          That platform don't support wifi calling.

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                            Oh Ok. Yes and that feature is a necessity (for me).

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                              I'm having the exact same issue.  No audio on outgoing calls, incoming works fine. Calls do not drop once established. 


                              Called TMobile, they ran test, blamed my ISP.


                              I've got my ISP coming out this weekend to check out the QoS and jitter on my internet connection.


                              Another thing I need to try is head to another wifi network to determine if it is my ISP or phone.  If it works on another without an issue, it is indeed my ISP. 

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                                I hear you, I have done multiple tests for VOIP jiiter and I should be just fine (tested behind my wifi on my laptop). It's just this phone though, which granted does has a different type of Wifi Calling (IMS vs UMA) - so I don't know if that is why. I haven't tested elsewhere, I always forget to test Wifi Calling when I go somewhere else with Wifi!

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                                  IMS is the new WIFI CALL service Tmobile uses now with new phones ( HTC AMAZE, ONE S ) Samsung ( GS2 GS3 G blaze) all this phones utilize the IMS services, previous devices use WIFI CALL trough KINETO servers, this service was implemented with the GALAXY S1 ( Vibrant ) and it works PERFECT, thats why people with vibrant, htc sensation G2X, G2 etc... they dont have any complaints cause they use KINETO servers for WIFI CALL.


                                  Just hoping that IMS services are troubleshouted soon, so we can continue to enjoy WIFI CALL