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        On the same token, where is your proof that it is not software?

        As just a customer my only proof is what I can replicate on my phone and my fiends phones.

        Now with my device I have not modified and can get about 5' to 10' range unobstructed.

        My friends (2) that have rooted and custom software from XDA don't have this problem. One was able to get over 50' with a plantronics voyager.

        Same hardware only difference is the software.

        HTC themselves confirmed that is software as well albeit not publicly but to their associated carriers.

        Wind and telus customers also have seen this issue and were told the same thing.

        The problem with exchange is that it is first with HTC warranty. They will cover the phone for manufacturing defect. That is to say HTC and not T-Mobile covering it.

        T-Mobile provides no warranty on hardware since they don't make it.  All they offer is a proxy service for warranty so you don't have to deal with the manufacturer and you don't have to be without a phone will that phone gets fixed.

        HTC's warranty covers that phone and not exchange to a different one.

        That is why they can't exchange with a different model.

        If you don't like it you can and should complain to HTC and not T-Mobile. Out of their hands.

        Try and read that warranty paper work that comes with the phone.

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          So by your conclusions..a rooted phone will no longer have this "Bluetooth Problem?"  What ROMs did your friends root to their phones?  Rooting is not a problem.  I was forced to learn that art with my HTC HD2 that worked like **** until I ditched WinMo 6.5 and rooted Android on to it.  In fact it "still" works great.  But realistically...I shouldn't have to go through all this every time I buy an HTC product or any other phone for that matter.  If HTC does not change this type of behavior, they will begin losing market share.  Apparently this is not a concern to them, or they wouldn't continue to have the same type of problems. 


          Anyway enlighten us to what ROMs your friends used.

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            With the hd2 I can't really blame htc.

            That is all microsoft. Windows mobile was never a good os.

            Htc could only work with in those confines.

            That was not meant to be used like that.

            Hence the reason that windows phone 7 was such a drastic change.

            Hardware was fantastic on the hd2 once android was on their.

            I think htc probably should have just delayed the ics work until we got bt fixed for now first and just waited a little longer then we are for ics.

            Either way I will ask and report back what rom they are working on.

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              From The Responses, I See That Bluetooth Is A BIG Deal To You All: Even To Those Outside This Thread. Wow. Makes Me Glad I Have No Need For It. At Least Not Now...


              On Another Note, Am I The Only One Whos Phone Seems To Be Useless When It's Syncing?

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                Which sync is giving you problems?

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                  "I See That Bluetooth Is A BIG Deal To You All: Even To Those Outside This Thread. Wow. Makes Me Glad I Have No Need For It. At Least Not Now..."


                  No Kidding, Sherlock! Bluetooth is how many (most?) people use a headset with their phone. In some states, a headset's THE ONLY way you can answer the phone while driving.  My last two phones, I've held conversations with a BT headset while the phone sat on a desk nearby, within 5'. Inability to accomplish even that is a huge impairment of core functionality for a mid-tier or top-tier phone.


                  Even without using a headset, BT is one of the simplest ways to transfer files ... I used to sync my Nokia via BT in the background, worked for 6 years without a hitch. With the Amaze, I find the I have to re-pair my laptops to the Amaze every few weeks. I have no idea why, nothing changes on the laptops, and the phone hasn't been reset.


                  Very few people use 100% of a phone's capabilities, but let's not be naive and claim "My phone works great" while not exercising commonly used features.

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                    Well Dr. Watson, I Hope T-Mo & HTC Come Up With A Fix For You And The Hundreds Of Others Who Are Experiencing This Catastrophe...

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                      @badgerdave - The Sync I'm Referring To Is The Sync Of Networks. When The Sync Icon Is In The Notification Bar, My Phone Sometimes Becomes "still." Emails May Be Sent To Outbox, Facebook Won't Load, Tweets Will Be Saved As Drafts, etc. I Frequently Get The Error Message: "NO DATA CONNECTION," When Trying To Use Apps During Sync. However, I'll Have My 4G And All Four Bars. Kind Of Weird. I've Even Had A Few Dropped Calls Due To Syncing. Maybe It's Best To Not Use The Phone During That Time?

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                        One thing I just noticed last night.

                        Paired and used a Sony Bluetooth stereo music headset and got great range on music. Well over 30 feet.

                        Tried phone audio on same headset and was down to 5 again.

                        Just the way something with phone audio is processing wrong.

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                          @ k_lorrell:  I can't say that I have had any of those issues.  But for the most part I just use the basics of the phone.  Facebook, email, text, call, camera, video and a little web surfing.  My email sync no problem.  FB updates when asked..no problem. 


                          @ theartiszan:  That is very interesting that bluetooth stereo music headset  gets a nice BT range.  What if you do music over your regular headset?

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                            My first Amaze came with a dead pixel.... AND after I took it home from the store, did the HTC update all of a sudden my power button was gone... meaning that holding the power button would not produce the menu.... it would just shut the screen off.... the next day I went the store I got my phone from..... they said they only had the White Amaze left.... I told them it was not happening...  So after the Tmobile store by my house screwed me over and didn't retrieve the black amaze.... i went to the store to get another one.... 


                            So not only was the phone faulty, but the customer service reps at that store were as well......


                            Now I have the Black HTC Amaze, fully rooted, running a custom rom, and I have to tell you....... I have no problems.... in whatsoever! I have 60% more battery power hold....  Apparently a lot of the Amaze devices were sold with defects....

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                              I am using the Energy Rom and I gotta say.... it works AMAZEingly! I have no problems.... Had a problem with the screenshot on that rom so I re-flashed it and it worked great since then!!!!!


                              If you use the Energy Rom with the Stock Amaze Kernel, you will see a great battery life improvement!!!!

                              If you get the Energy Rom with Faux's Kernel (or any other kernel) there WILL be bugs with your wifi and bluetooth....

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                                Do you use a bluetooth headset?  And if so, what is your range with Energy ROM?  Did you see an improvement in bluetooth range?



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                                  I have two Amazes that work fine. 


                                  There is no perfect phone.

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                                    I have done A-B comparisons between old firmware and new to eliminate hardware as the suspect. I utilized a demo phone from my local store (with employees watching) that the wifi calling update of Dec 12 reduced the bluetooth range quite substantially. Same phone, same headset, different firmware. The cause-and-effect relationship was quite clear.


                                    As for wifi, my two Amaze units have never been able to connect to access points with hidden SSIDs. It's the only kind of wireless we have at the office, so I am stuck with 2G for now (SGS II is fine with this).