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      • 15. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

        Really T-Mobile....?  VERIZON...of ALL US carriers with Windows Phones...VERIZON has managed to release 8107 for the Trophy.  I never thought I'd see the day VERIZON pushes an update quicker than the T-Mobile....


        Wondering when (if ever) we will see this update.....

        • 16. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

          Truthfully, I had to write a lot of email on my phone today and other messaging. And there were a few times I wanted to throw the phone out the window. I have, I think, 4 background tasks that are constantly running, plus often music.. it's enough that if you happen to pick a bad time, the keyboard will drop a half dozen times during an email consisting of only 4 or 5 sentences. Just absolutely maddening. Frankly, at this point I'm wondering if I'd be better paying the ETF and going to Verizon for an iPhone. At least then, I'd get timely updates.

          • 17. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

            In my honest opinion, after having this phone for over a month. This is a piece of sh*t, not because of Nokia hardware or anything but the overall software, which seems nice, lacks the most basic features that 5+ year old phones have.


            You can't bluetooth share music, or any other file for that matter, you need Zune to transfer files to computer, the phone app doesn't combine contact's calls, Office doesn't run old file extentions (WTF?), there's just so much more. I've had a BlackBerry, iPhone, this WP, Androids, and even Symbians. I have to say BlackBerrys are the best OS, simply because I have more control over the OS and when you need something done features are just right there.


            Will switch back to a BB first chance I get.

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              The part that gets me is, after I got this phone I was going to return it, but I was told the next software update in the next two weeks would fix everything. That was over three weeks ago. You can't understand anyone through the speaker and Tmobile doesn't care if you get an update or not.


              Keep wondering why people are switching Tmobile.

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                I finally got Nokia Care Suite to install and am de-branding my phone from T-Mobile.  I wanted to wait, but they are just taking their sweet time for NOTHING.  This firmware update will do no harm to anything T-Mobile related, so there is no reason it should take THIS LONG for them to release it.  I understand testing, but there is no way they are testing THIS PHONE (T-Mobile branded) with the new Nokia firmware and are experiencing any problems with the network, reception, or anything like that whatsoever.  I think they've just forgotten about it, and will "remember" in a month or two and then push it....


                If Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) doesn't have game-changing features I'm looking for, or if Microsoft doesn't step in and cut this **** that invovles carriers holding updates then I'm headed to an iPhone (unless Android can get itself together by that time)....

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                  Well, I'm going to cross my fingers that this is what they've been waiting for:


                  The 710 in China just got the update to OS version 8773, one of the Tango builds. Fingers crossed we get that shortly.

                  • 21. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

                    I can all but promise you that this is NOT what will be released.  They are still holding up 8107.  If this weren't the case a US T-Mobile (or just US version..?) of 8107 would already be available for the Lumia 710 from NaviFirm.  This is not the case, and only ROMS outside the US are available...


                    Plus, Nokia would've released this for other countries besides China first BEFORE the US because the 710 is a low budget phone aimed at emergin markets and first-time smartphone buyers.

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                      I think I'm also making the switch to trying to update this phone on my own. There are reports that we're not going to get the Apollo update anyway so I might as well take a shot.


                      What am I missing out on by going this route?

                      • 23. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

                        Yea...we most definitely won't get Apollo.  It's really dumb because this phone JUST dropped and that makes Microsoft worse than Android in regards to updates.  Even Androids with skins like Sense and MotoBlur are entitled one OS update (not just bugfix update), and the Lumia 710 won't even get that.  I know we are entitled to an update (T-Mobile said we were), but the current one we are waiting for is still 8107 (at least that's what I believe).  It's POSSIBLE that we could actually be waiting for a different update than 8107, which is what AT&T is doing.  AT&T received backlash over their response to not updating to 8107 because it's not "a worthwhile update to test...etc", but T-Mobile isn't in the same position as they are not as strong as AT&T with customers and company size and strength.  This is why they aren't saying anything, as there are probably only like 5 people (including us) complaining about the lack of an update. 


                        That said, I don't really know how T-Mobile is with updates and how they look at Windows Phone (being that it's really unpopular and isn't flying off the shelves), but I'm willing to bet that they (like all U.S. carriers) could really care less about updates because that is one more thing to push you to get out of your phone when your contract is up and get you to buy another phone and re-commit to them for 2 years; it's a dirty game, but companies are doing what they need to in today's economy.....


                        Anyway, there are two ways to update:


                        1. You can flash a full on ROM (will wipe everything) that is meant for the Lumia 710 in a different region.  I flashed the UK version, and it was 8107.12070 I believe.  This way, you are getting both the Nokia firmware AND the 8107 update from Microsoft.  The only downside to this is you will lose your 4g icon, and other region specific things will be there (which may make your phone feel "weird" but it still works fine).  Another example is the China ROM I also flashed doesn't allow you to silence your camera, so even if you have your phone on vibrate, it will make the shutter sound.


                        2.  You can just use CAB sender to update to 8107 ONLY.  This will not wipe your phone, but you will not have the Nokia firmware bugfixes included.  This can only be done from option 1 above...


                        I will not give you the steps to doing this, but Google "Debrand Lumia 710 XDA" and it will have the instructions there for you to get started with flashing a ROM.  You can also check out http://www.wpcentral.com


                        I hate to say this, but I plan on switching to the iPhone once this whole Apollo thing is over with.  Luckily, I am not on contract, so I still have the option to sign a contract when the new Apollo phones comes out, but if the Lumia 710 doesn't get the update I may still switch because it shows Microsoft's commitment to early adopters who took a chance with their beta OS.  I will never go back to Android until they completely re-write the OS from the groundup because the OS is rushed touchscreen spaghetti code that was done in a hurry to compete with the first iPhone.  I wanted Windows Phone to succeed because it seems like the good little neutral OS in the middle of iOS and Android that isn't really trying to start **** with anyone, but just be a good OS lol. 

                        Of course....there are always Blackberry QNX phones that will be coming soon as well.......

                        • 24. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

                          I debranded my last Sony phone while I was with AT&T, but I'm going to keep my Lumia 710 legit in hopes T-Mobile does release an update in a timely manner.




                          The article above talks about Microsoft's changes to the marketplace, specifically needing to update to at least 7.5("Mango") in order to access it. Maybe down the road Microsoft will try to influence carriers to release updates by implementing OS restrictions on the marketplace.


                          Today I'm going to cancel the "premium handset protection" for both Lumia 710's on my plan since it looks like my phone is going to become obsolete sooner than I expected. It would be nice to know that the phone will truly be supported by T-Mobile and if the Lumia 710 never gets Apollo, I don't see the value in paying a premium to "protect" it.

                          • 25. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

                            I hope it does, but I'm not holding my breath.  It seems dumb because the phone is only 4 months old, but I guess it was a quick way to attempt to get Windows Phone hype and then just drop a bunch of customers....


                            It's crazy this phone has had not a single update since it's been released....not even a bug fix.  It's been 5 MONTHS....Androids receive bug fixes more often than this..


                            I know T-Mobile reps claimed they care, but I'm starting to not believe them and don't think they do, and that they have basically dropped support for this phone already....


                            I mean if they are waiting for a bigger update then SAY SO....don't just stay silent....

                            • 26. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

                              I think people have to keep calling into customer care and ask when an update is coming.


                              Tmobile just doesn't care. They branded the darn thing, how about supporting it like other companies?

                              • 27. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

                                HI jrdatrackstar, is there a particular bug fix(es) that you are waiting to be fix? Just curious.

                                • 28. Re: When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

                                  Disappearing keyboard and typing press accuracy (doesn't happen now that I've basically hacked my phone and forced 8107 on here, but would be nice to have the official release), battery life, terrible camera (though I'm sure that won't get fixed), screen flickering, internet sharing, and a delay when pressing the power button are the only ones......

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