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    Samsung Blaze

      I posted this on the Blaze discussion board but I wasn't sure if there was any traffic over there.



      I expect to receive the Blaze tomorrow and I am wondering if I made a mistake and should have gone with the Galaxy S II?  I have the Vibrant 3g now and have gone through 2 years of misery with it, I don't want to make the same mistake 2ce.



      Any real reviews or input???  TIA!

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          I'd say the lack of traffic on this forum means either the phone is great and no one has issues, and/or not many people are buying it.  you have 14 days to decide for yourself and return/exchange it if it's not right for you.

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            They're both nice phones, kind of depends on what you value more as far as screen size vs. pocketability, etc.   I'm also ready to ditch my Vibrant 3g but I definitely want to wait a couple weeks to get a look at the One S, I'm leaning toward that over the S II right now.  With all the Vibrant problems it's hard to not at least consider trying out an HTC over a Samsung this time around.   Overall I've been fairly happy with my Vibrant but right now it feels like I'm using my G1 again.  

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              Personally I am waiting to see the HTC One S before deciding, but I did look at the Blaze and there is a good chance I will buy this instead. My biggest concern is lack of development, but when I bought the Defy I had the same fear..and before long there was a ton of development in the works.


              I think if the phone is good people will come around. Especially if the price is right.

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                Yeah, the one s will be the phone I'll be going to from my sensation.

                Finally a HTC Android with a amoled screen.

                I am certain that phone will have more development then the blaze cause that phone will be sold internationally with very little change.

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                  Good news....the Blaze has root! Check out XDA for more info.

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                    I ended up getting the blaze but since I received it I have zero service at home.  I called tech support and they weren't much help.  I'll be sending it back.  Too bad because otherwise I love the phone

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                      were you using your old sim card, I believe you need to use the new card which came with the phone.  maybe your data plan needed to be updated.

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                        I am using the new one they sent in.  Wouldn't they have updated the data plan when I called customer care and tech support?  Sorry if that's a stupid question, I'm not familiar what needs to be done - I'm totally clueless

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                          do you not get TMO data anywhere, or just not at your house.  if nowhere, call cust service and make sure your data plan is set up correctly for that line.  I assume you had a data plan on your old phone.  maybe it did not transfer when you changed sim cards.

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                            I am fine once I'm out of my neighborhood but I'm only getting one and sometimes 0 bars at home and never 4g.  I didn't have any issues with my last phone.  It's not only data but calling as well

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                              What kind of phone did you have before? Could be a bad unit, but as others stated it could also be set up incorrectly.

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                                Samsung vibrant.

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                                  maybe the sim card is bad or not connecting correctly.  re-seat the card - take it out of the phone and put it back in.  if that does not help. then replace the sim card (free).

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                                    I tried this, no luck.  Can I go to the store to swap the sim or do I have to call Customer Care?  I ordered the phone through customer care

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