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    My HTC Amaze 4G Unlocking Experience


      In preparation for an upcoming travel in Europe, I requested an unlock code for my Amaze 4G so I could use it with locally purchased SIM cards over there. I received the unlock code with instructions in an email  from T-mobile the next day. So far so good. The first problem came up when I read in the instructions that I need to insert a foreign SIM card before booting up the phone which, upon detecting that card, would prompt me to enter the unlock code. Well, I didn't want to wait for the unlock till I was in Europe and got a SIM card there, so I figured that a borrowd AT&T card should do the trick over here. After I found somebody willing to lend me his AT&T SIM card for the unlock procedure, the phone did indeed detect it as a foreign card and prompted me for the unlock code. After entering the 8-digit code and pressing the OK button, the phone seemed to accept it with a "success" message.


      This was the first time when the phone acted differently from the emailed instructions that urged me to allow the phone to scan the network. Though I allowed it but I could not see any network scanning. Instead the phone wanted to reboot and it did. After the reboot I could not see any indication that the phone found the AT&T network and when I checked the network setup screen, where normally I would see that the network is T-Mobile, it was "Unknown" this time. Eventually I got tired of this and shot down the phone and swapped back my original T-Mo SIM card and that works fine.


      Later I tried out another AT&T card that was accepted by the phone without prompting me for the unlock code again but I could not link up with the ATT network with that one, either. So now I wonder if my phone is really unlocked or perhaps AT&T SIM cards are not exactly compatible with the T-Mo cards and/or this phone.


      Can anybody suggest what might be wrong here?

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          It possible the problem is on the AT&T end. Do they have restrictions on what devices their customers can use?  Certainly some of the carriers are much stricter than TM about using un-certified devices on their network.

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            AFAIK, there may be data concerns, but I would think that voice should work fine with the AT&T SIM card. The APN settings may need to be changed.


            With some outside smartphones, AT&T can't recognize the type of device. Sometimes smartphones register with the system as tablets and no voice transmission is possible.


            Did you try to make a voice call with the AT&T SIM card?

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              I couldn't even make a voice call as the phone did not register to the AT&T network. Actually, I expected I would be able to even get ATT's data on the 1900 MHz band as the Amaze is supposed to have that band (among others) once the phone is unlocked. See the following specs from this site and there is some blurb on the xda-developers forum about possible AT&T data use with unlocked Amaze. Now I really wonder if I could use this phone in Europe even though that was the main reason I boight it in the first place.


              By the way, the last step of the unlocking instructions says this:


              4. Allow the phone to scan the network (or manually click on the antenna icon to do this)


              What antenna icon is this talking about? I don't recall any that I could click on.



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                I'm unsure of an antenna icon that you can click on, but you can manually scan networks on the phone.  I'm using a Sensation, so I hope that the menu is the same.  Go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks>Network Operators>Search Networks to allow the phone to scan for available networks.

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                  You might have to do a network scan and add the apn settings. I've used my amaze on both at&t 2g and HSPA+ before so i know it works. Mine is unlocked.

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                    Well, I've tried the Search Network option before and after adding the AT&T APN, but the phone still comes back with the AT&T SIM card not being compatible. During one of those long Network Searches I also got a warning in the Notification panel that the SIM card cannot be used with WiFi calling and I should upgrade it for a new one. That made me thinking if this T-MO WiFi calling feature is the root of this entire issue. So now I wonder, Rudie32, if your Amaze phone has been upgraded (both the SIM card and the software) for WiFi calling. For Amaze the WiFi upgrade is fairly recent.


                    BTW, for the AT&T APN I used the data from the following link:


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                      Are there any T-Mo support people monitoring these threads so they could actually chime in? Otherwise we might as well have these discussions on a Usenet newsgroup with wider exposure to potential expert help.

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                        If you want to actively engage TM, then send an email to the TForce support team via TForce@T-Mobile.com.

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                          I just sent you an email, but I wanted to follow up on here with the rest as well.

                          The phone is unlocked at this point. If there are no error messages or code requests, then the unlock was successful.

                          Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to Troubelshoot an issue with another carrier SIM card inserted into the device. It seems as though you have taken the appropriate steps, as in Manual Network Selection and change of APNs, to get this connected.

                          Once in Europe, please place the foreign SIM in the phone. It will not ask for another code. You may have to change your settings based on their requirements. You may have to speak with their care as well.


                          Thank you Philyew for providing the email to the customer.


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                            Indeed, thanks to Philyew for providing the Tforce email so I could contact them directly and, of course, thanks to you Josh for replying so promptly, even though your answer is not very encouraging. Especially because I've read in several instances from other Amaze owners who were able to use AT&T SIM cards after unlocking the Amaze. I expected at least the GSM bands to work as they are standard among all GSM carriers. Heck, last time I was in Europe, I was able to use my old dumm Moto V330 phone there with a local SIM card, so I would expect at least as much from a top of the line smart phone, such as the Amaze 4G. If I cannot use an AT&T SIM card with it here, what confidence can I have that I could use one in Germany or Austria? Not to mention using data services, too, which was the main reason I bought the Amaze as Internet was full with buzz about several non-Tmo bands becoming available after being unlocked.


                            I wonder if now the only option left for me is to get the phone rooted, but then I don't want to lose the WiFi calling function either.

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                              I've used my amaze on both 850 and 1900mhz at&t HSPA+ and edge so i know it works. (with a t-mobile sim and a local providers sim).  But you know if you use a NON-Tmobile sim that wifi calling won't work. You MUST use the t-mobile sim for wifi calling to work. Other internet calling is different (skype, etc). there is no reason why an at&t sim won't work if it's unlocked.

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                                As I just wrote a few minutes earlier, I did unlock the phone per instructions and indeed, the phone reported back that it was successful and restarted right after. However, nothing worked with the AT&T SIM card in it after the restart, just as I described earlier. I still wonder, Rudie32, why you Amaze behaves differently than mine. Maybe we are using different hardware, firmware or software revisions or something?

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                                  I don't think rooting will answer your problem.


                                  Do you know anyone with an older TM SIM that you could try? I'm wondering if you might be onto something with the wifi calling upgrade, because that does require a new SIM, if I'm not mistaken. I'm wondering how similar the errors might be, if you were to slot in an older TM SIM...


                                  It might help the diagnostic as well, if you could try a different AT&T SIM, if you have only tried one. That way we can eliminate the problem being related to that specific SIM.

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                                    I got nothing but bars until i added the correct apn's with the non-tmobile sim. Do you get any bars? (Not g, 2g or 4g, actual signal bars)

                                    Any carrier listed in the notification pulldown?

                                    If you do a network scan, and at&t shows up, what happens if you select it?


                                    Btw, mine was not rooted when i used the non t-mobile sims.

                                    edit: The at&t sim isn't an LTE sim is it? Might need the correct sim card maybe?

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