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    Can't Delete Strange People From My Contacts

      I've had HORRIBLE problems since I decided to give T-Mobile a try as a cell phone service provider!  I finally had to report them to the Better Business Bureau due to some flim-flaming they were trying to do to my service contract before my 20 days was up.  I suspect I'll be sending the phones back as it doesn't look like they care to resolve issues and it appears to be plain and simple bait and switch.


      In addition to those horrors, my contact list has strange names on it that I don't even know where they came from.  I only wanted to sync my Google contact list and most of them are on there, but there are other names that I don't know where they came from and I can't delete them.  All they tell me when I try to delete them is "Send contact as vCard" and Add a Fave now!  Seriously?  I originally hit the delete key and it didn't delete the record, it just left those two options and I want these stupid records OUT of my contact list.  Does anyone know a way I can gouge them out?


      It's probably a moot issue anyway as I'm probably going to send the phones back, but I'm finding out T-Mobile's shortcomings rather quickly inasmuch as someone who has just purchased a phone can't call a Technical Support Representative for assistance.

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          Why can't you contact cust service? It's not hard, and you can also do it on the web through a chat (usually quick and provides a written log of the chat)


          Strange contacts? There is an option that puts all numbers that call you into your contact list when they are called. But you may also have your facebook contacts, twitter contacts, plus any others that keep their own (Tango and Qik do this)


          Individual contacts can be deleted by long pressing the contact until a menu comes up. One option is to delete it.

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            >> Individual contacts can be deleted by long pressing the contact until a menu comes up. One option is to delete it. <<


            Doing this (pressing down on the contact for a long time) is what has caused them to be stuck there.  They were deleted once.  Also, none of the people who are stuck have ever called me, so there is no reason for them to be there.  I don't sync Facebook into my contact list as well.  If it has decided to do it on it's own without my permission, the other 1,000 people should be showing up in my contact list as well.


            I'm not sure I should waste my time with it anymore.  While the BBB has already e-mailed me again about my report, T-Mobile has not tried to communicate with me at all about it.  I'm pretty sure my son will be sending his phone back to me tomorrow so I can ship them back to T-Mobile and be done with it.  Even though customer service knows the wrong contract price is showing on my account online, they still have done nothing to fix it and I refuse to pay $40/month more for my complete package than I was quoted when I bought the phone.  That's just bait and switch.  If someone can figure out how to solve the problem before I get the phone back from my son and T-Mobile puts the right contract price on my account, I might consider keeping them but I'm not one to put up with nitty technical problems T-Mobile doesn't seem interested in fixing.

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              do you have google+? your google+ contacts get synced with your gmail contacts, if they have a phone number in their profile, they may also show up on your phone. there are ways to hide these in view contact settings.

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                I did, but none of these people are in my Google + lists (which I have now deleted).  These look like they are Facebook rejects, but I don't have Facebook sync'd so I don't know how they got there.  The only place these people exist are in the 1,000+ friends I have on Facebook, which is why I want to get rid of them.  They are game friends from other countries, not friends I would contact with my phone.


                Thanks for the Google+ info.  It allowed me to delete my Google +.

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                  So is the bottom line there is no way to get ridge of these contacts????