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    How to change fav 5?

      I am on a family account and would like to change my fav 5.  I do not have the interface on my phone and when I try to do it online I can't figure out how to change to my phone.  The one that it is defaulted to is my brother's account. 

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          Hello yourhighness2004,


          If you are still on a MyFaves plan you can modify your contacts by logging in to my.t-mobile.com and selecting "Contacts Store, manage, and transfer contacts" under the "Connect with MobileLife ®" section at the bottom of the page.



          You will be redirected to a page where you can click themy faves1.jpgicon at the top, from there you can manage you MyFaves .

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            I do not see a contact store.  What is the path?  I go to my t mobile, mobile life and then my faves.  However, it doesn't give me the option to change phones (we have 4 phones on this account).  I can change my brother's Faves but not mine.

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              I tried to go to Connect with Mobile Life - Contacts and it asked me to sign in (which I was already signed in). I typed in my information again and it took me right back to my original page. It just keeps circling around. I need to verify my fav5 on my daughter's phone. One number shows as a fav5 contact on her phone is not registering as a fav5 number on the bill. ????? Any help would be appreciated.

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                I figured it out! I didn't realize I could login with my phone number.  I always login using my brother's number (the primary account) and that is why I could only change his Fav 5. Thank you for your help!