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    Brand New Galaxy S II - NetFlix app won't load

      I just upgraded to this phone and tried to use the NetFlix App with no success.


      Everytime I try to open the App, it takes me to the Android Market for the NetFlix App.  I get two options "Open" and "Update"  

      selecting "Open" cycles me back to the Android Market again

      "Update" give me an error saying it couldn't download the update.  and just stops there.


      this is a brand new phone, right out of the box. No changes made.  running all stock as is.


      can someone help??



      I tried online chat with T-mobile rep and was directed to asked NetFlix. 

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          I couldn't find anything recent for your issue on Netflix's forums so ths is what I would do....


          1. go to settings > Applications > Manage Applications > find NetFlix > hit Uninstall Updates, then Clear Data and Clear Cache


          2. then, if you haven't already, I would try the 'update' again after restarting the phone, and/or use a decent wi-fi connection (if you have one) to do so. 


          3. try running it again GL

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            Have you updated your SIM card and your Data Plan.  If you're running on your old phone's SIM card than no dice.  On the side with the Gold plated (copper) look for the alphanumeric code of TM9177 if this isn't on your SIM card than that's your problem.  However if it is then I recommend doing an update on the phone and/or your plan itself.  It's hard to imagine that the TM representatives that sold you the phone didn't upgrade you to the proper plan but it's not out of the realm of possibility. Try these quick checks and keep us posted as to your progress.

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              Thanks for the replies.


              I did the phone upgrade over the phone, so it was shipped to me.

              I have already contacted them and had the data plan switched to one that was compaitble (first issue I when when I made the switch)


              the T-mo online tech support said it's unlikely that it's the SIM card that is causing the issue??


              nonetheless, I will be visiting a T-Mobile store to have the SIM card switch out with the newer one that the phone came with.


              I will alos try uninstalling any updates and reinstalling them.. hopefully something fixes this dang problem. it's one of the reasons why I got the phone.