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    Issue: I can't view videos anymore on my Samsung Smiley T-359

      I called Customer Service already, and they told me at the time that it was a current issue, and that their engineers were "working on it."


      The problem is, when I visit Youtube, I can no longer watch videos. I've already tried everything: emptying my cache, deleting bookmarks, made sure resolution was set to "Normal", etc. Nothing helps. I went through all the troubleshooting steps, including sending a reset to my phone. Nothing works. It displays an error message every time. Firstly, it says "Unsupported Resolution." If it doesn't say that, it says Error, Timeout, etc. Nothing I do changes it.


      I was able to watch videos just two weeks ago. Now, I can't watch anything.


      BTW, the Customer Service was exceptionally horrible. The technical support guy kept me on the phone for nearly 40 minutes, saying very little to me, nor explaining what he was doing or looking at. I was finally forced to end the call, and he seemed extremely insecure about it. Before that, I spoke with a girl who mistook what I said and thought I wanted a NEW PHONE, which I didn't. Then she hung up on me without explaining what she was doing, and I reached him. I've reached her before, and she always acts in the most bizarre manner, and always interprets what you are saying WRONG. I've complained about her twice now.