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    Your Amaze 4G vs. Mine

      Are Y'all Really Having So Many Problems With Your HTC Device? I Get Email After Email About Camera Issues, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc. From What I've Read, I Feel Like I'm The Only One Who Has An Amaze-ing Phone. Sure, I've Experienced A Dropped Call Here And There. Who Hasn't? However, The Button Lights Bleeding Through And Everything Else You All Have Experienced, I Haven't. I Believe My Biggest Issue Was The Email App Not Synchronizing According To The Update Frequency Settings I Set Up... I've Had My Amaze Since December. Never Had To Return It, & Have Only Had To Call Customer Service 2wice About My Phone. Like The Rest Of You, I Do Wish There Was A Little More Customization To My Phone & I Could Uninstall Most Of These T-Mobile Pre-installed Apps. However, The Software Doesn't Disappoint Me Enough To Make Me Want To Have My Phone Rooted. Overall, My Amaze Does Exactly What I Need It To Do. I'm Pleased To Say The Least... To Me, The HTC Amaze 4G Is An Awesome Phone. It's A Worthy Investment. I Hope Everyone Who's Experiencing Problems With Their Phones, Gets The Help They Need To Fix Them. Peace.

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          I agree with you, k_lorrell.


          I use the Amaze a lot, and it's been very good. The biggest problem I had was battery drain, but I uninstalled a couple non-T-Mobile apps I had gotten on the market, and it got much better. It's not the Amaze's fault some apps have bugs. Overall, it's been very good.

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            I have had no issues with mine.  Love the camera, battery life is good, Bluetooth recpetion is great.  No complaints here.


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              It's an unfinished piece of work. The wi-fi is buggy, which affects a number of services. Battery life was meh, until I bought a new battery.


              Reception is very spotty -- I only get 2G at work while my wife can get 4G on her phone. We would go to an arena and I would have zero signal and her old Blackberry would work fine.


              Too much pre-installed bloatware, but that seems to be the norm with carriers and smartphones.


              I had Blackberries for ten years before my first Android handset, and none of those phones experienced the issues I've had with my Amaze. They may not have been always on the cutting edge of features, but the features advertised worked.


              If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have bought the Samsung GS2 instead, based on my experience with my wife's new Blaze 4G.

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                This phone is complete GARBAGE.  I can't use the apps I REALLY need or update them because of the crapload of T-Mobile's pre-loaded apps.  I hate it and wish I never bought it.  It has me deleting texts, personal stuff that I need, etc. because I can never remove those stupid pre-loaded apps.  I don't have a million apps installed, I don't have huge video files, movies, a lot of music or anything like that on here.  Yet, I can't do anything!  T-Mobile and HTC need to get their acts together with this one!  It makes me want to go back to my ARCHAIC BLACKBERRY!  I don't hear iPhone users complaining about this nonsense.


                BATTERY LIFE IS TERRIBLE.  I could keep a firefly in a JAR alive longer than this battery.  Smartphone? Stupid as hell.

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                  I'm Struck By How I Can Have The Same Phone As Others & Not Experience The Sh1t They Do... I Get About 7 To 8 Hours Out Of My Battery Before I Need To Charge It. The Longest Time Off Charge Was 9hrs 15min. And That Was With Normal Usage. Texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, & Calls Here And There. My 4G Works Exceptionally Well (about 80 to 85% of the time). Maybe It's The Fact I Have NO MOVIES, NO MUSIC, & NO GAMES On My Phone That It Works So Well. The Only Apps I Have Are Apps I Use, & I Clear The Caches On Them Weekly. Same Goes For The Web Browser. I'm Far From A Position To Say The HTC Amaze 4G Is Garbage. "ALL" Carriers, Manufacturers, Apps, & Operating Systems Have Issues. And Trust Me, iPhone Is No Different. They Have Their Own Set Of Problems.

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                    The Amaze is not "garbage," I agree.  My one and only complaint is bluetooth.  Bluetooth may not mean much to some, but it means a lot to me.  Trying driving a vehicle with a standard transmission in Houston traffic and holding a business call to your head.  "Excuse me, can you hang on while I shift gears."  Not a statement I like to make to my clients. That's why I spent hundreds of dollars on my "bluetooth" devices, that are now basically useless with the Amaze.


                    This is just like when the HD2 came out and a **** load of us had defective phones that T-mo promised fixes for, but were never released.  I eventually learned the art of "rooting" my phone and turned my HD2 into an awesome techno-gadget.  My HD2 had a bluetooth connectivity of about 25-30 feet.  I could leave the phone in my house a go check the mail at the street and not lose connection.  That was AWESOME!!!


                    I learned with the HD2 and the HD2 forum that there are always some that claim a perfect phone.  They believe that the rest of the people are stupid and do not know how to operate a phone with such technological advances.  This was not true.  There were in fact large numbers of people that had bad phones...it's that simple.  Just as there are a great deal of people with bad bluetooth capabilities with the Amaze/Ruby.


                    So all of those of you that have the "perfect working" Amaze/Ruby...I applaud you.  But do not discredit the rest of us.  I am not new to this.  I'm true to this.  This is my 4th (different) HTC Smartphone. I "know"there is a bluetooth problem. 


                    I just wonder if HTC and T-mo will get away with this **** again like they did with the HD2. 

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                      BadgerDave, I dont mean to discredit you, I belive that you probably do have bluetooth issues with the phone.  I also don't expect this to make up for it, but you could use a wired headset while you wait for a fix.


                      what has customer care said about it?  I believe if you go through the replacement process enough they may help you get into a different phone.  keep in mind the people you are talking to aren't responsible and be polite when you talk to them.  Maybe you would have better luck with a samsung galaxy s2.  comparable phone...

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                        Hi everyone,


                        Thanks for the feedback about the Amaze 4G we really appreciate it.


                        I wanted to share some helpful troubleshooting information for those who are experiencing problems.


                        First of all, our tech dept's are available to assist everyone, I'm sharing this information for those who want to do as much as possible on their own before calling in.


                        It's always for the best to make sure your device has the latest software available. Often, manufacturers do discover certain common issues and release updates containing fixes available to anyone with that device model.


                        This document may help with managing battery life.


                        You can find general instructions/how-to's for this model here.


                        If you're experiencing any kind of major problems with the software, or are running into low memory and can't find where exactly things are being used up... or suspect a rogue app may be causing issues, you may want to try a master reset. First, always check out this to make sure you're prepared and don't end up losing anything important during the process.


                        Again, thanks everyone for your feedback, hope this information helps.

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                          Why do I feel I've been insulted...

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                            You may have been...

                            So far I am with the OP on this. I have had this phone since launch and have a ton of stuff on it and it works fantastic. Really  the only two minor complaints I have at all.

                            The screen bleed which is not really a big deal as only bother me when I watch netflix in a dark room. And even then I can use "screen filter" app to turn it off.

                            And when taking pictures with flash in a dark room I get the bleed from that. But I rarely take pictures with flash and put a small piece of electrical tape between the camera and flash and seems to have cut out most of it.

                            But other then that for me has to be the best phone I have ever owned. Even over the Nexus one. And I loved that phone.

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                              Please send me some of your Kool-Aid so that I can reproduce your euphoria.


                              Yes, it's a great cutting edge phone. Many features and functions are top notch. That doesn't mean that the problems many of us report don't exist, or are negligible. It does have issues, and for such an expensive phone we shouldn't have to settle for less that the advertised fuctionality.

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                                I am not saying they don't exist or are negligible, just that not everyone had those problems.

                                Every device has issues.

                                There are no perfect devices.

                                Just most work perfectly.

                                Even my Bluetooth works ok. Need to have phone on my person but works.

                                Could be better and that is being worked on. Just need to be patient.

                                Also it is easy to think setting all the complaints here that can be a bad thing. How ever. The people with working phones don't come on here. For the most part, this is a very good phone.

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                                  Also don't forget, at least with the Bluetooth, they identified it as a software problem. So now they need to update and fix that in addition to developing the ics update for this and all the other phones they are updating and other possible fixes.

                                  All of this takes a lot of time and resources as you can imagine.

                                  I would not be surprised that they may just role the fix into the ics update.

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                                    And exactly where is your "proof" that it is a "software" problem?  I would like to review it.  Has T-mo posted it somewhere?  Maybe HTC posted it somewhere?  Or does your info come from a "discussion" on xda? 

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