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    Samsung GT-C6112 (Duos)

      My fiance has an unlocked Samsung Duos phone and I added her to my plan at the T-Mobile store... they installed the SIM in slot 1 (it is a dual SIM phone) and after a couple of hours with T-Mobile customer service on the phone, we can still not get it to work.  They kept insisting that it must be locked, which is not the case.  She purchased it at a store in Russia, and then went and picked a carrier.  And she has used it in Europe with different carriers without a problem.  Does anyone know what I have to do to get it to work here?  As an added "challenge", the interface is in Russian... and I can't read it, though she can.  So it makes giving her tech support a little slow. 


      According to the manual (which I was able to find in English) it supports the correct GSM frequencies.  But it shows as "no service" on the T-Mobile SIM.  The SIM is good, it works in my phone.


      Any ideas on how to get her phone working?



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          Hi seeker

          Can you provide the IMEI number of the phone?

          In idle mode enter *#06#, the display should provide the IMEI number.


          The display should have two antennas (to represent each SIM)

          what is being displayed when the SIM is in each slot?

          And is there any error on the phone or just lack of conenction?


          I think I can help if you are able to answer those questions





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            Hi I dont mean to jump on this thread uninvited, however I am experiencing a similar problem. I have a CH@T222 samsung duos and i am experiencing the same problem. I was hoping that dthomps4 could help. I have an international roaming sim and it works great, however, my tmobile sim only shows the red circle with the line (no network).


            The IMIE number is 358791 04 297265 /5 and /3.


            There are no network errors. Just the red circle of shame. I used the samsung coding to verify that the phone is completely unlocked.


            The phone model is GT-E2222. Please help!




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              Hi ravenseoul,

              Have you been able to change between SIMs through the phone's menu?

              My cut and paste dropped the images, but if you have been there it would make sense


              In Idle mode, press [ ] to switch between networks.

              To activate SIM cards

              1. In Idle mode, press and hold [ ].

              2. Select Network and scroll left or right to a SIM card.

              3. Press <Change> to activate the card.

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                I followed your instructions, and when i went to the network and the sim it already said active. I deactivated and reactivated and it gave me a searching sign before it went back to the no network signal. I hope you have a few more tricks up your sleeve.



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                  Hi Rob,


                  I have never used one so my questions will be mostly to discover what the device can/cannot do and the menus available.


                  Is there any form of network selection on the device?

                  I know some devices must be set to work on 1900 networks, otherwise they remain looking for European netowrks, is there anything like that in the menus?


                  Trying to find an online manual

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                    Found something interesting!


                    Ona  german Samsnung site they state

                    "One of the two SIM cards can be used to make phone calls on GSM networks of 850, 900, 1,800 and 1,900 MHz, the second SIM card just in GSM networks of 900 and 1,800 MHz."


                    so I would move you T-Mobile SIM card into the other slot and see what happens

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                      Any new information on this. I am trying to use the same type of phone in the US, with the exact same symtpoms.... anybody successfully solved this?