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Can MT4G be used as a web/FTP server on 4G connection?

I use a program on my MyTouch4G for file transfers that allows me to access my phone via FTP or HTTP. It has built in FTP and HTTP server that I can access through a PC. As long as the PC is on the same local network as the phone, I can connect to it. That's true when I'm using my wireless router at home, or when I'm running the Wi-Fi hotspot software on the Android. But, when I try to access either of the servers through T-Mobile's 4G data network, I can't connect at all using HTTP or FTP. In fact, I don't get a response to a ping as I do when I'm on the same local network as the phone. So, it looks like T-Mobile is blocking WAN access in some way.


I'm not sure if this is the right subforum for this question, because it probably isn't an MT4G issue. Does anyone know if there is a way to connect to the phone via HTTP/FTP over a WAN connection (with the server on the phone)? Thanks in advance! Seems like I can't be the first to ask this, but I couldn't find the same kind of question elsewhere in the forums.