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IPHONE 4: T-mobile issues with 4G and international texting

Dear all,


I bought a T-Mobile SIM card to get the device no annual contract unlimited monthly 4G. My offer is $50 + $10 for international call & texts.

I unblocked my iphone 4 bought in France in order to put this T-Mobile SIM card inside.

I can call in France and US. I can text in US BUT impossible to sent a texts in France or in another country. The issue is that my girlfriend is impatient!!!

International texts were working this week end but since sunday night I can receive international texts but impossible to answer.

What I have to do? Some setting changes to do?


My other issue is to get the 4G or at least the 3G...currently I can get only the EDGE...and it is very slow. What is the solution?


Please answer me if you have some tips!!!