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    Rocket 4G & Mac OS X Lion



      I'm a Mac developer and installed Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Unfortunately the Rocket 4G no longer works. Will T-Mobile be issuing a software update soon?

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          Hi there tuncer. Great question! The Rocket 4G Prepaid will work on Mac OS X 10.4.11, 10.5.8, and 10.6.4. Any versions higher than those I listed will also work on 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6. Any plans to support 10.7 will be announced.

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            Please prioritize OS X 10.7 (Lion) support. I just upgraded to Lion just to find that my Rocket 4G isn't working.


            Anywhere we can get even a beta version of the software? Lion has been available to Developers for months, not sure why there wouldn't be a solution by now. Thanks

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              I have exactly the same problem, I just upgraded my OS to LION and now the Rocket 4G doesn't work. We need an answer from T-Mobile soon!!!

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                T mobile is aware of the issue and the 4 g rocket will be compatible with mac os lion soon. Just have some patience there workin on it :). Hope this helps put you to ease.
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                  I got it to work in Lion


                  When looking at the logs, you could see that the problem was in relation with the version of the sqllite3 library that was the problem. Only a 32 bit version (i386) was provided by T-Mobile's installer. Lion provides a fat binary (32 & 64 bits) version of this library already (under /usr/lib/libsqlite3.dylib), and all you need to do is, therefore, to remove the ones that the T-Mobile installer placed under the path it is executed from, in order to unmask the 64bit version provided by Lion.


                  In short, just run the following command from Terminal:

                  sudo mv /opt/dplat/lib/libsqlite3.dylib /opt/dplat/lib/libsqlite3.orig


                  You should then see within a few seconds the T-mobile dialog come up again and it will connect itself.


                  Hopefully this helps a few people out there until T-Mobile releases an official updated installer package.





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                    This worked for me!! Thanks arnaudsj!


                    T-Mobile, now that arnaudsj has done the work for you guys, please release an official update.

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                      I have not been able to install my Rocket 4G stick and get a python error each time I attempt to install.

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                        Hi Reisert. A fellow mobile broadband specialist had this same issue. He updated the Java on his Mac and this seems to clear it up. Can you try this and let me know if it resolves your issue?

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                          I tried this using the Terminal program, copied and pasted the command line.  It still didnt connect, though it did stop telling me I had a bad install.  I could not get the pop up window control that you normall use to connect to come up, though I did restart my MacBook Air. 


                          Any thoughts or additions to the instructions below?  I'm not a big unix user so I may not have some of the assumed knowledge in this post.  Thanks.

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                            i am sorry, i do not know what from Terminal means for the MAC.  can you help me out so i can use the Rocket 4G with Lion OS on my MacBook?  many thanks

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                              I just got back in the country and the issue is still not fixed--now what I am seeing after reinstalling the program is that it hangs at checking device

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                                Any progress on an update? I have tried all the above suggestions, including running arnoaudsj's command, booting into 32 bit, updating java runtime. All failed - I get caught in an endless loop of "Initializing, please wait" and "radio off" when I try to use webconnect.


                                This is especially frustrating because I re-loaded my rocket @ the $50 rate. Then my windows laptop died and I replaced it with a Macbook Air, and haven't been able to use the rocket as the 30-day time window expires. More to the point, I need the mobile connectivity. Very frustrating.

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                                  The new WebConnection update still doesn't fix this problem...still can't connect using Rocket 4G and Mac OS X Lion. I get an endless loop of "Initializing, please wait" and "searching for wireless device".  I called T-Mobile a while back and they told me to update my Java--which was already up to date. It would be nice if someone from T-Mobile would actually address this problem, but I'm about to go buy a stick with another carrier.

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                                    Here's what worked for me. 


                                    1)  Do all your mac software updates using the normal system updater


                                    2)  Get the Java update for mac osx lion from apple's support site (support.apple.com/downloads, search for java). download that disk image and install the update.  The update for Java is not installed as part of the normal system updates, you have to go get it specifically from the downloads site and install it on its own


                                    3)  open the utilities folder, find the terminal utility app and start it,  then type in the command line EXACTLY as shown in the instructions above, which moves the bad library out of the way.  You'll need to use your admin password for this.  Afterwards, close the window and quit the terminal utility app.


                                    At this point the connection manager installer should work if you need to re-install (the installation will fail if you haven't done the Java update, which I discovered by accident after uninstalling it to try and fix the problems).


                                    Once the t-mobile connection manager has successfully been installed, or if you never uninstalled it in the first place, it should work normally after  running the terminal command line as specified, using the terminal utility, but it definitely doesn't run properly unless you have done that.


                                    I'm typing this reply on a computer connected via a t-mobile prepaid, which was previously not working following an upgrade to Lion, but now works fine after having done the above steps.


                                    I realize that it may be difficult to get the system software updated and the Java updater downloaded if you can't get an internet connection in the first place, & my only advice there is to go find a wi-fi hotspot that you can connect to temporarily, or something.   It might be possible to skip the system updates, but in general it is probably best not to.  The Java update is about 62Mb according to apple's web site info.


                                    hope this helps.



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