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    Amaze Hotspot Functionality and T-Mobile Profiteering

      I have a camera that is able to connect to a mobile device using the hotspot feature. Once connected, I can import photos and share them.


      This data exchange is done between the two devices, not over the internet.


      Unfortunately, I am unable to use this camera feature because T-Mobile prevents the Amaze hotspot from working unless a separate data plan is purchased.


      Thanks, T-Mobile.


      Any workarounds?

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          The hotspot feature is designed to share the phone's wireless access to the Internet with other devices - it isn't meant to be a general mode of connecting devices.


          From your description however, it appears your camera is able to connect to a wifi access point. Since it is able to do that,  does it have any kind of browser capability built in,  or must you pull files from the camera using the device to which it is connected?


          There are tools available which allow you to serve your phone's file system over wifi,  so that any other device on your wifi network with a browser should be able to transfer files. Wifi File Explorer is one such app.


          If your camera is sophisticated enough to connect via wifi, it may well be able to connect by other means.  If you let us know the make and model of the camera, we may be able to help further.

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            It is a FLIR E60.


            Yes, it can connect to a wifi access point (secure or not), however it is unable to be a wifi access point.


            Utilizing the FLIR Mobile app, I can pull images from the camera using wifi and a mobile device.


            At one time, I could see the camera SSID in the Amaze list of connected users and the camera recognizes existing wifi networks, including the HTC Amaze.


            I tried this again, but although the camera sees the Amaze SSID, the Amaze no longer sees the camera as a connected user.


            When I could establish the radio connection between the camera and the Amaze, if I attempted to tether a laptop, I was redirected to the T-Mobile hotspot upsell page.


            When I attempt to tether now, I get good signal from the Amaze and connectivity for just a few seconds, then a "limited or no connectivity" error message.


            So, something has changed in the T-Mobile hotspot protocols.


            Although I have the FLIR app on my Amaze, the device is currently listed as incompatible (obvioulsy, this was not the case originally).


            Because I have the app, if I connect the camera to my home wireless network and the Amaze to the same network, I can then use the FLIR app to pull the pictures off the camera. This is pointless- I just pull the SD card. 


            But, T-Mobile will not allow the camera access to the Amaze hotspot because I do not have a hotspot plan. I am not trying to tether a laptop, I am just wanting a local wireless data transfer between two devices.


            I hear that it works using an iPad, so I'll try that and buy one if it works before giving T-Mobile another $15 a month... but then I have to get the images off the iPad

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              There are a few hotspot apps in the Market that will maybe do the same thing without triggering the redirect to the TM tethering page.


              Looking at the camera specs, you should be able to browse to the camera file system over any wifi network, not just one where the SSID is established on the phone.  Have you tried using http from the phone's browser to access the camera file system via a conventional wifi access point?

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                Well, the FLIR mobile app is needed because the IR pictures are in a proprietary file format. So, if I could browse the camera, not sure what good it would do.


                I never really thought of that, so maybe I'll try it.


                I looked at FoxFi, but it is incompatible with HTC wifi.


                So many of the others are just one click shortcuts.


                I am looking to avoid rooting the Amaze because of ongoing bluetooth issues, but maybe I should just get rid of it... but it seems like many of the newer phones also have hotspot "issues" if you aren't a subscriber. I get the carriers viewpoint, but I am not looking for internet connectivity.


                It would be cool to get the FLIR app somewhere outside of the Play Store and put it on my HD2 and see if it works, but that is beyond my skill level... nor would I be eager to just accept a download from an unverified source.

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                  That is a limitation of the tech.

                  The hotspot you have the phone is not a access point like you have on the computer.

                  Only meant for connecting other devices to the internet that is about it.

                  If the app is looking for direct access (probably not) it won't be able to get a connection probably since is not a direct connect.

                  More then likely what happens is the app uses internet connection that the app will grab the info from the camera thru the FLIR system online.  I don't have one of these so not one hundred percent of that but have not seen it working on mine.

                  Tried running the hotspot with web server running on my phone to be accessed by another connected device and it failed.

                  Probably be in the same boat.

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                    Well, if I could get the FLIR app into my HD2, I would know for sure.


                    I do know that the FLIR camera connects with the HD2 WiFi hotspot (I can see both devices in the respective menus), but I do not have the FLIR app on the HD2.


                    So, connection wise, it works (HD2 to FLIR E60). Can't test it further- no HD2 app.


                    As I understand it, the app is NOT web based. I could connect the E60 and the Amaze through my home wifi network to each other, and the app works. I have the pictures on the Amaze to prove it.

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                      Have you tried disabling your wireless network connection before launching the hotspot to see if it establishes connectivity without detection over the TM network?


                      There is also what looks like an alternative wifi hotspot app from Droid Apps,  which may circumvent detection even with the wireless network connection active.

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                        No, I have not tried disabling the wireless neworks on the phone first. From what I gather over on the XDA forums, the coding for the hotspot plan is embedded in whatever makes the hotspot work. Workarounds/hacks were posted, but the same instructions do not work for me anymore. I suspect that TMO has closed these loopholes.


                        Maybe I'll check out the other place. feel free to pm me with specifics.


                        Edit: I do not understand why the hotspot feature is disabled, other than the obvious reason to add another line item to the bill.


                        I am paying for 2G of data, and I should be able to use whatever connectivity is needed to use what I am paying for. If I go over my paid allotment, then do whatever.

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                          Tethering has been explicitly prohibited in the terms and conditions for many years.


                          Before tethering capability became commonplace through the Google operating system, TM had an established line of business selling broadband devices and data plans for computers. With the introduction of OS-based capabilities,  and hotspots servicing up to five other devices,  that line of business was directly threatened. Rather than blocking the feature, they instead allowed optional use on a month-to-month payment basis.


                          Not ideal for the customer,  but understandle for a company struggling to maintain revenues to the extent that, at the time,  the owners were preparing to sell the business off,  and would have done, if not for government intervention.

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                            The hotspot feature of android forces all data to go through the t-mobile network. Your most likely out of luck. BUT I think t-mobile has a free hotspot with 5gb data plan going on so try giving 611 a call.

                            Not going to gurantee you it will work. That's what bluetooth file transfer is for.

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                              Unfortunately, bluetooth file transfer does not work with this camera.

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                                I thought it didn't use the internet sharing of the phone. I assumed you turned on the wifi on the device and log on via android. The hotspot featuer doesn't allow read access of the phone. Its internet.

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                                  The camera does not need internet access.


                                  The camera needs to connect to a hotspot to transfer data using the app in the phone. The app instructions say to "turn on the phone wifi hotspot".


                                  The connectivity problems must stem from how the hotspot is configured.


                                  It would be nice if some coding could be added to allow device to device transfer via hotspot, without using the internet.


                                  I don't know how many other devices have the capability to transfer data via wifi hotspot and not internet, but it is obvioulsy an issue if the protocols prevent it.


                                  Heck, if wireless carriers can tell how much data is being used or if tethering is attempted, then I bet some type of handshake could be developed to allow data transfer between two devices but not web access.

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                                    Thats the problem.

                                    With the way android is setup is that it cannot transfer information to the phone when other things are connected to the hotspot.

                                    It don't work that way.

                                    Only allows connected devices internet access.

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