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    Unexplained huge data usage

      I'll try to make this brief, without too many details.


      I have a data plan that throttles the speed after I use 200 mb.  I don't do video, music, etc.  GPS rarely.  Total data usage in last three billing cycles: 39.7 mb, 84.1 mb, 61.5 mb.  On Tuesday, March 13, my data usage log shows three incidents of huge data usage: 200.2 mb at 9:10 am (I was driving my car, phone in holster), 10.3 mb at 9:54 am (at a meeting location, just before meeting, perhaps checking e-mail - didn't receive any), 9.5 mb at 11:54 am (chairing meeting, phone in holster, not used since e-mail check).  On Wednesday, March 14, 6.2 mb at 2:03 pm (driving car, phone in holster - curiously, quite near where the 200 MB usage occured).  Customer support says it's an app run amok and go to local office.  People in local office have done their best, been very courteous and contacted customer support, had lengthly phone conversations - but no explanation.  Excluding the four excessive data transfers, there have been only 3 over 1 mb (1.23 mb maximum) out of 52 such transfers in my current billing cycle.


      I power off my phone at night and charge it.  Tuesday morning, after turning on the phone and before leaving for meeting, the ONLY things I checked on my phone was for e-mails (probably received about 8, never look at attachments if there are any - use desktop for that) and weather (MyWeather app).  I've used MyWeather for two or three months.


      As noted above, local office does what they can, but customer support doesn't seem interested in the problem.  Their solution - upgrade my plan.


      Any thoughts?  I don't like my speed throttled (especially only 5 days after beginning of billing cycle), and don't want to pay more to just to cover this crazy situation.

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          First I'd ask "did you translate data times to your appropriate time zone?" -- data usage is in Pacific Time, not the account holder's time zone.


          That said, I would make sure all syncing is off if you have limits like that.  Just to make sure you have more control.


          Additionally, install an app that keeps tabs of your data usage (On Android, there's PhoneUsage, 3G Monitor, and something that begins with an O that I still don't remember).  This is by far the EASIEST way to track down what may or may not be causing your data usage problem.


          In short, people have found data usage is eaten because stuck emails in outbox, rogue apps not closing [especially those with ads], Facebook / Twitter / Words with Friends polls that are happening more regularly than anticipated, Market Updating, etc.


          T-Mobile can only see that you used X data -- they cannot see what app is using it.  Unfortunately, their answer is the only one they can really give because you cannot retroactively go back and look.  However, with the data monitor apps mentioned above, you can look forward and do better tracking and make sure an app doesn't take off again.

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            Yeah I completly  agree just a bad app more then likely

            And the app you are refering to is onavo

            Great app that helped me a few times.

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              Thanks to both of you for your answers.  Yes, I did correct for my local time (Central).  I've installed both PhoneUsage and Onavo and will see what develops.  A person I talked with yesterday suggested that the phone might have been hacked and to have the SIM card changed.  Any thoughts on this?

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                if you haven't already and it may be an inconvenience but factory reset the phone.  i personally don't suggest any of those app trackers .. they don't do much that the phone doesn't do itself already with task manager etc.


                but if you can stomach it and like i said haven't already, do a factory reset of the phone.  you may uninstall apps all you like but sometimes a process will still occur so a factory reset just gives you a fresh start so to speak and it's a way to see if any app you install afterwards eats you up.


                i wouldn't worry about your phone being hacked lol .. that's highly unlikely.


                and as an aside stay away from the HTC Peep default Twitter app.  the thing is known to eat data like a horse.


                anyway, hope it works out .. and like i said .. try a factory reset if you haven't already. 

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                  Thanks to deacon for your comments.  I have not done a factory reset, but a few weeks ago (and with another problem basically of my own making) I thought I might have to, so I made a list of all my apps.  Actually, I did it sort of pictorially on a spreadsheet so that I could put each one back where I had it, if I did a reset. 


                  Thanks also for the comment re: being hacked.  Comforting.


                  I don't do any of the social networking, so the problem is not with any such apps.

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                    no worries .. give the reset a try .. it'll start you over fresh and you can possibly see as each app is reinstalled (spaced out a few days in between for each to check usage).

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                      Well, if I have more problems I'll certainly go with your suggestion.  I'll give it a few days before trying and see if I do have more problems.  Working on taxes today and tomorrow - so am not in the best of moods to try something new!  Thanks for your help!

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                        I'm a month late to this discussion but did you resolve the data usage issue. After a mysterious 485 mb loss at 2am my new Samsung sg2 began devouring 400 mb a day, 2gb in 5 days. I've stripped it of every app I have access to. Did you resort to the factory reset? Did it help?