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    T mobile charging me data for using skype with (wifi)

      I recently returned from the Cook islands where I used there (Slow) wifi to skype call. Since returning t-mobile has been using my data every time i use skype with my home wifi. Everything off (network etc) except for wifi. One skype video call cost me 70mb. T-mobile says that should not happen and dont know why it is. There suggestion is to boot my phone back to factory reset but no guarantee it will fix the problem. Don't really want to do that. Any thoughts out there.

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          Yeah, do a factory reset and see if that helps. I hate doing them, too, but sometimes you just have to. Back up your apps and start from scratch.


          Good luck...

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            If your wifi is connecting you to Internet service from another provider,  there is no way that TM can monitor,  record and bill for that data use. Wireless data consumption is tracked on their network,  not the phone, so  if the traffic doesn't route through their equipment, they have no data transactions to bill.


            What this means is that somehow, despite what your device is reporting, you are making connections to the TM data network. If you are certain that your "Data enabled" setting is unchecked,  then you will need to do a factory data reset (having backed up the content you want to keep using something like MyBackup) to try unscramble the settings.

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              I appreciate the help. I think I may have figured out my problem. In my wi-fi advanced settings the wi-fi sleep was somehow set to 15mins. If it went to sleep then I guess the network data would kick in and charge my t-mobile usage when I got a skype call.. I set it to never and I think the problem is resolved. When I used skype from my home wi-fi no data usage showed up on T-mobil.

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                They're lying to you. They know exactly why you got charged. Because they're greedy dooshes who no longer are going to allow people to enjoy free wifi. I got a letter/email from T-mobile a few weeks ago stating that after April 5th they were no longer going to allow unlimited free wifi usage and were going to cap it at 100mb. After you use up that free wifi, you're forced to use  your own data off your plan. WTF. T-mobile blows. I wont be staying a customer  much longer.


                I was having a dandy time with my 2gb of data with the ability to use wifi for other stuff... now they just want you to use their data. I might as well go with another company that's truly unlimited. I'd rather give my money to another company.

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                  I think you are misunderstanding the communication you have received.  What changed after April 5th was the amount of data you are allowed to use on another carrier's network here in the USA while roaming.  That use is wireless,  just the same as when you are normally on the TM wireless network. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with your use of wifi,  which TM has no right,  ability or interest in controlling (unless of course you are connected to one of their wifi hotspots).


                  Go back and re-read the notice and if you find that you have received something completely different from the rest of us,  by all means let us know ghe details.