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Sometimes won't use wifi calling

I have yet another error on the mytouch q. My phone won't connect to wifi calling even when I'm connected to wifi. There is no blue or red symbol suggesting that there's any connection to wifi calling at all. This is a wifi I uas all the time but sometimes it just won't connect. The phone says "Not connected to Wifi" under the wifi calling button but right above it it says it's connected to Wifi...

The only way I've been able to fix this problem is to restart my phone and then wait literally 10 minutes for it to completely boot up. I would like to avoid this, but who knows, maybe the phone is actually designed to be a ripoff. Like I've mentioned in posts before, everything except calling and messaging seems to work with this device. Thanks for nothing.


One of these days I would like to buy something from T-Mobile that actually works...wouldn't that be nice?