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Google Calendar on PC will not sync with my Galaxy SII

Anyone else having this problem?


Symptoms:  I can add calendar items directly to my calendar on the Galaxy SII and the updates appear on my Google Calendar viewed from a browser on my PC which is connected via cable modem to Cox Comms as ISP.  However, if I add a new event to the Calendar via the browser on the PC it does not sync/update to my Galaxy SII.  When I go into the "Sync" menu under settings on the Galaxy SII it all looks ok EXCEPT it says although auto-sync is selected for calendar the last reported sync is 1JAN12 at 8pm.  Weird!  I am having no such problems with Google Mail nor with the Google Contacts, which show proper behavior and last auto-sync updates with very recent time stamps.


Thanks in advance for any fixes, suggestions, or sympathy.