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    Data over Wifi?

      Does the DoublePlay allow you to use the phones features over wifi instead of using the data plan? When I am at home, I dont want to dig into the data plan at all, instead I would like to use my home network which has wifi. I just ordered the phone, and mistakenly chose the DoublePlay. Now i need to know if i have to return it for the phone I originally wanted, that lists Wifi Data on its features. Thank you.

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          Ya, your ok mobilefan. The double play runs Android so you will have the option to use only your home WiFi instead of your data plan. And remember you have a 15 day buyers remorse period to switch your phone/end service penalty free if the phone doesn't work out for you. Enjoy your new phone.

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            Thank you very much. I was really worried, because I cant afford the unlimited plan. I would rather give the DoublePlay a go since its the only phone of its kind, and none of my friends have it. Ill try it out. Again, thanks for the info and giving me a lot of relief over my order.

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              That's a 14 day return period, for a phone bought from a store. Sorry to seem picky, but that one day could mean a lot of frustration for someone denied the opportunity to return their device.

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                I ordered from the website. Does that mean I do not have the 14 day return period? That seems like an odd policy. If i can use my wifi network instead of the data plan, then it will be alright. that was the only deal breaker for me, however if I find out too late that it doesnt, i will indeed be upset.

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                  You actually get 20 days for online phone purchases,  but don't leave it to the last moment to arrange the return. I just saw a post from someone who called to find out about returning their device on the 20th day and ended up being denied a cancellation because the device wasn't returned that day.

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                    Was just able to confirm this with a rep as well. I am breathing a sigh of rellief. It wont take the 20 days for me to find out if I like it or not, so that makes me feel much better. Thank you.