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  • 15. Re: car mode issues after gingerbread update

    Same issues as everyone else. No water damage, no magnets close to the phone.

    Phone will be charged to 100%, plug it in before I go to bed and wake up later to find the battery showing 100% until I unplug it and sometimes drained all the way down to 15-20%. Sometimes wake up in the middle of the night finding the screen on and "Car home" starting.



    • Master reset
    • Clearing cache 
    • No Dock
    • Cleaning USB connectors, various cables and charing methods: USB to computer, car, wall chargers...


    What gives me some temporary relief: (and I mean temporary)

    • Android booster - cleaning/killing tasks
    • Fast Reboot
    • Super Task killer
    • Enabling and disabling Car home a couple of times
    • All with the phone unplugged


    This gives me a few hours of relief, or until next time I plug in the phone.


    HTC/T-Mobile: please create a fix before I toss the phone and get a Blackberry or something. Customer support and the web confirms this is not only a G2 issue but also affecting other Android phones. LOVE my phone and Androis but HATE the Car Home glitch.

  • 16. Re: car mode issues after gingerbread update

    UPDATE: It's been a couple of weeks since I spent that last good years of my life on hold with TMo customer service.  At that time, they told me the car mode glitch was a known problem and they had someone on their team working with HTC to come up with a fix that would be rolled out in an update.  He then took all kinds of info from my phone, and said if I did not see a patch rolled out within the week to call back and they would try to work something out with me because I was at my wit's end.


    I never did see an update pushed out.  BUT the issue with the car mode magically stopped after that call.  I am still getting massive battery drain, but at least I'm not pulling my hair out because the car mode keeps turning itself on. 


    Not sure what this means, and likely, as soon as I hit the "post" button, the car mode demons will decide to have their way with me again. 

  • 17. Re: car mode issues after gingerbread update

    I had the exact same problem after the 2.3.4 update.  Not sure of the exact date, but I believe it was early September.  I called T-Mobile.  T-Mobile was not aware of the car mode issue at that point.  I spoke with HTC, who insisted that I must have used a charger that was not HTC.  In fact, my car charger is not branded HTC, but rather, T-Mobile.


    I did the whole compressed air thing, the dock-no-op thing, etc.  The car mode issue calmed down, but has occasionally re-surfaced with no rhyme or reason.  Instead of opening up the six large car mode icons on the screen, however, I either get the tilted or untilted steering wheel icon in the upper left hand corner of the desktop.  The untilted wheel indicates that car mode has been enabled, of course.  When car mode gets around dock-no-op, it dumps me from whatever I am doing on the phone onto my desktop. 


    This is all ridiculous for a phone which cost me upwards of $400.  I do not feel that I should have to download any app, especially one which does not fully solve the problem, to partially fix HTC's software issues.  In my opinion, HTC should fix HTC's software issues.


    So.... I called T-mobile again this morning, inquiring as to when a fix would be available.  The representative did not know.  On the bright side, however, T-Mobile does appear to be fully aware of the problem.  My name was added to the escalation list.  I don't know how much this really matters, but if enough people get added to the escalation list, I would hope that this would light a fire under HTC's proverbial rear end and a fix can be expedited.

  • 18. Re: car mode issues after gingerbread update

    As predicted, about two hours after my last post, the car mode thing started happening again and it is again driving me nuts.  I call customer service and was sent straight to the third level technical support (so they said).


    They said the fix for this is currently being rolled out and it will happen in much the same way the Gingerbread rollout was pushed.  I was one of the last people to get that update, and he thought it might be because my area code begins with the number 9, but he couldn't say for certain.  Someone that high up in the support chain should be aware of the order they're pushing this, but I guess that is asking too much for them to tell me that.


    So we should be on the lookout for a fix/update?  I hope so.  He told me if I didn't want to wait, they would sell me another smartphone for at full upgrade pricing even though it's early.  That's still $250 more than I want to spend right now.  He also offered a "loaner" phone for a $50 deposit that could be refunded fully.


    I smell cash stream?  None of this has appeased me and if I don't get a fix over the next couple of days, I will spend $100 less than buying a new phone and just early terminate my contract.  So over this.

  • 19. Re: car mode issues after gingerbread update

    I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with the Car Home app that came on the phone. If you see this problem, can you please try: Car Home (car mode) cannot turn off or disable: T-Mobile G2


    Also, you can try Baracuda's suggestion of the Dock-No-Op app. Let us know what helps.

  • 20. Re: car mode issues after gingerbread update

    HELP...  I have tried everything listed here and on other forums.  "Car Home" is driving me crazy.  Called HTC and T-Mobile.  Whatever...  I have spent hours on the phone and searching the internet for a fix.   I have another phone on it's way but I really like my G2.  Is there someone out there that can help?

  • 21. Re: car mode issues after gingerbread update

    I'm not sure exactly what your issues with car home are But if they are the same ones that are in the doc I linked to.... it is problem in the Google software, so a replacement device won't fix it. Multiple devices from all carriers are affected, and the solutions in the doc I linked to are all we have.

  • 22. Re: car mode issues after gingerbread update

    I feel your pain. Fought with the issue for over two months, tried every suggestion, to no avail. One suggestion I would NOT try is to clean the micro usb contact with rubbing alcohol (the moisture sensor sticker sits right on the other side.) That ended up costing me roughly $170 as T-Mobile said the phone had water damage (no, the sensor was white before I used the rubbing alcohol as suggested by many.)


    The only solution that worked was to replace the phone with another G2. I have had zero issues with the "new" handset, running exactly the same apps etc as before.

  • 23. Re: car mode issues after gingerbread update

    I have posted on this topic before as I had similiar problems to you. I do have the 'dock no op' app installed.


    About 2 months ago my phone started the 'car home'  problem again.


    I don't remember why I started this, but at that time I started to only plug the charger into the phone when the phone was off. My phone has not gone into 'car home' craziness since I started doing this.


    I make it a point to only charge the phone (or for that matter, have anything in the phones charging socket) when the phone is off. I think I started to do this because the 'car home' craziness started when I wiggled the cord plugged into the phone.


    Anyways, to reiiterate, I 'cleared the cache', installed 'dock noop'. and only plug in the phone when the handset is 'OFF", and my problem has not come back.  At least for now.


    good luck

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