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Sometimes Gallery will load my photos, pictures, etc. in about 1-3 seconds, and sometimes it will take 2 or more minutes.  I have tried re-starting, and even removing the battery and SD card, to no avail.  I plug it up at night to charge and most of the time it will start working fine the next day.  It's almost as if the thing is possessed and works when it wants to, and when it doesn't I am helpless to correct it.  Has anyone got an answer, or having the same problem?

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    Hey gawga1pat2!


    I'm sorry you're having problems with your Gallery program.  We definitely want to make sure you can access your pictures as quickly as possible.  When you said you removed the SD card, did you test opening the Gallery with it removed?  Or did you just remove and reinsert the SD card?  A possible reason for this issue could be a problem with the SD card, so testing with another SD card or without any SD card is an important test. 


    If the issue occurs with another SD card or with the card removed, the next thing to investigate is a software glitch.  I'd recommend backing up your information and completing a master reset.  It's important to test for a few days without installing any Market applications to verify there are no application issues.


    Let me know if this helps!


    - Ian

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    Without an SD card Gallery says no items available.  Did a reset and lost everything on the 8g card and now my phone does not even recognize it and cannot even re-format it to be re-used, however it still will work in my old Samsung phone!  Am currently using the 2g card that came with the phone and re-loaded most of the data from my computer, but I still lost a lot that cannot be recovered.  This LG phone has been nothing but an absolute nightmare of the Freddie variety!

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    The new SD card has started doing the same thing with Gallery, with it removed there are no pictures available.  How can I back up the information prior to a master reset?

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    Hi gawga1pat2,

         Check out Prepare for a master reset and back up data on Android, there you will find info on backing up your phone before doing a master reset.

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    The master reset worked, or at least it has for the past 5 days.  Thanks to all for the information, assistance and help.

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    The problem has re-surfaced.  Sometimes it loads and sometime it won't.  Is there another app that can be used for pictures, downloads, videos, etc.?

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    If you have a large amount of files this issue can occur. Do you have a lot on your SD card?

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    I have a lot of music files, not a lot of Pictures.  No other app is affected, only Gallery.  EVERYTHING else works as it is supposed to!

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    Found the answer!  Downloaded "QuickPic" app and relegated Gallery to the trash bin.  QuickPic is faster and performs better than Gallery ever thought about performing.