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      I purchased a new Sprngboard a few weeks ago and it has several manufacturer's defects (according to the several people I spoke with over the hour+ I was on the phone with T-mobile).

      I cannot return the tablet for a refund because the 20 day return policy starts on the day you order and not the day your receive the item. (My order was confirmed 23 days ago).

      I was told they would send me out a new one to replace the defective one.

      After talking with the 6 person to get this done I was transferred to the manufacturer who advised me that they will NOT replace the defective table, they will try to fix it.  I have to send it to them (overseas) where they will try to repair it and then return it to me.




      I bought a brand new unit 3 weeks ago - not a refurbished unit - which is what I will be getting in several weeks when it is returned to me.


      The only thing T-mobile offered was to not charge me for the data plan during the time I am without the unit...yeehaw


      This may not be so bad if I hadn't been stuck with a new phone that hasn't worked right since I bought it last year.  I'm talking about the $200+ I spent on a mytouch 4G.  I had to call tech support at least once a month because of not getting voicemail and text message notifications and the voicemail not working.  After a year they finally sent me a replacement unit, which does the exact same thing.  They have disconnected the visual voicemail function, but I have a permanent pink dot showing I have voicemails, but I still don't get voicemail notifications - so unless I call my voicemail I don't know if I have any.  They have offered to sell me a new mytough 4g for $185...another yeehaw.




      oh...btw...I have been with T-mobile since it was VoiceStream and I'm 50 years old with no kids...I have done nothing wrong - except get shafted.

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          You have the worst luck. I have not had any issues with the Springboard (other than the fact that you can't disable the TMobile chimes when you turn it on ... even if you plug headphones in, hoping it will just play in the headphone and not loudly in the speakers).


          I've had good luck with my phone as well. The vibrant has had GPS issues for some but that was never an issue with my phone.


          That is unfortunate that TMobile counts 20 days as from the time of the order rather than the day you receive it. That policy only makes sense if you bought it in a brick and mortar store.

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            UPDATE:  Even though I called on day 20 of receiving the Springboard, T-mobile is not honoring a return of the device nor offering a working replacement.  They told me that I have to deal with the manufacturer.  The manufacturer says I have to return the defective device to them and they will fix it and then return to me.  I am not thrilled about this since there are so many things wrong with the device (reboots itself - locks up - on/off button doesn't work), but have been trying to get a new device.  The manufacturer gave me an RMA number and said they would send me an email with an RMA label attached that I can use for returning the device.  I'm still waiting for this email.  I have called them twice and was told they would escalate the situation to a supervisor and I should have the email within 48 hours.  So it's been 3 phone calls and well over 480 hours, still no email.

            I just called T-mobile back to see if they could help and they called the manufacturer for me.  She was thrilled that she was told that it would be escalated to a supervisor and I should have the email within 48 hours.  I told her that is exactly the same thing I was told the last 2 times I called...no reason to get excited about it.


            I would go down to the T-mobile store, but there isn't one in this little town of 100,000 people where I live.  (Maybe that's the reason I'm lucky if I get 2 bars and 2g coverage here).  T-mobile has been absolutely no help with this defective Springboard and I am really at the point of just paying the cancellation fee and getting rid of them.



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              Sorry to hear about your issues.  I have been with TMobile well over 6 years and have had only 1 or 2 hiccups that they have willingly fixed.  No clue why you are having these problems.

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                Here is the document relating to device returns http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2624


                It explains that the policy for bricks-and-mortar returns allows 14 days, and that is extended to 20 days for online purchases, presumably to allow for the delivery delay to which you are referring.


                It also makes clear, however, that TM should facilitate the exchange process, if requested, and be able to ship you a replacement device before you have to return the defective unit to them. 


                What I don't understand is why you didn't take steps to get the device fixed/replaced as soon as these defects became apparent? Or ar you saying that the problems didn't start until over two weeks after delivery?


                In any event, I would write to the TForce customer support team here via tforce@t-mobile.com to get their help in this issue.

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                  It also makes clear, however, that TM should facilitate the exchange process, if requested, and be able to ship you a replacement device before you have to return the defective unit to them. 


                  What I don't understand is why you didn't take steps to get the device fixed/replaced as soon as these defects became apparent? Or ar you saying that the problems didn't start until over two weeks after delivery?


                  First, I called T-mobile as soon as I noticed there was a continuing problem with the tablet.  Unless you are next to it when it reboots itself, you don't really know it happened and I'm not one that has it next to me at all times.  When I first called TM it was 20 days from the date I received it, so just outside of their return policy.


                  Secondly, they have a completely different program for Springboard tablets than any other product they carry...they have the manufacturer handle all warranty work and replacements.  The manufacturer policy is to have you ship the item to them where they will fix your item and then return it to you.  They will NOT send you a replacement first or after - they will only fix your defective item. (This is according to the several people at TM and Huawei (the manufacturer).


                  All I have asked for is a working unit or my money back (not out of line for buying a new unit)- nobody is providing either.  I have now been waiting weeks for Huawei to send me the infamous email with the shipping instructions to return the tablet to them.  I have called them several times and TM even called on my behalf last week and was "assured" I would have the email by today - so far it isn't here.  TM was told the same thing I've been told every time I've called, so I don't think they did me any big favors, but at least the lady tried.


                  The main thing to realize if you purchase a Springboard tablet is that once you pass the initial return period of 14 or 20 days you are on your own with Huawei - Tmobile will do nothing to help you even though you send them your money.

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                    I would still try to use TForce to get some leverage on this.


                    Based on what you say and what I have now read about the TM policy for supporting tablet devices, I have to agree with you: customers SHOULD NOT buy tablets from TM as the support offered for hardware issues is no-existent.

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                      Oh...btw...I have filed a complaint with the BBB regarding the Springboard and the myTouch4g.  They have replaced the handset, but refuse to do anything about the Springboard tablet.  They say it is the responsibility of the manufacturer, Huawei, and they have no obligation to fix or replace the tablet.


                      I'm not sure what TForce is, but it's worth a try - nothing else is working and TM obviously doesn't read these forums.



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                        They do read them,  but it's best to be proactive and contact them.  TForce is the group of customer support personnel assigned to support the social networking sites like Facebook, and this forum.


                        You can also send a private message to one of the moderators, such as tmo_jessicab who has an excellent reputation for helping customers with difficult problems.


                        How clear was the warning about the hardware support limitations BEFORE you bought the tablet? I ask because I think it would be wholly inadequate to offer such advice merely as a footnote,  when all their other warranty support involves their own participation. That is certainly something that should play into your BBB complaint.

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                          Thanks.  You're absolutely right about the last point.  It wasn't until after I talked with several different people that even TM discovered that they didn't support the tablet.  I still have to go through several people and explain to them that they (TM) don't support the tablet every time I call.


                          In regard to your comment about being proactive - I think several hours on the phone and chat several times over a 6 week period is being as proactive as is possible.  I would gladly go throw a fit at a TM store, but there aren't any here in my little burg of 100,000 people.  The closest TM store is over an hour drive away from me.

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                            Sorry, the comment about being proactive was specifically as counterweight to my previous observation that TM personnel do read posts in this forum. It certainly wasn't an observation on your handling of this issue.

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                              My experience with T Mobile and my defective springboard is the same.  T mobile won't do anything to help except connect you to Huawei and then wait for a return shipping label that never comes.  I have been at this for over 30 days with no results.  My next steps are write letters to both TMobile and the manufacturer, contact the local Consumer Protection Office and a local TV station that has an attorney on staff that tries to help people in similar circumstances. 


                              I feel betrayed by TMobile after giving 15 years of business to them. By the way, I did get a token credit of 39.95 for monthly service but was reminded if I cancel my service I will be responsible to pay $200.00 early termination fee; what a slap in the face!!!  Meanwhile I am out $249.00 and a tablet that doesn't work and nobody cares.

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                                I haven't read through all the replies but I agree: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT unless you enjoy wasting hours of talking with technical support, returning the product (twice so far) and generally wasting your money.  I do like the screen and it's been great for movies. That's about it.  It constantly shuts off (I'm on my second one now) and then when the Huawei rep (T-Mobile referred me to them and said they do not help with technical issues) told me how to reset the tablet I couldn't even do that...it just kept powering off and on. This is simply a waste of money and T-mobile shoudl offer a full refund within a year's time because this is just a piece of JUNK!  I've been a long time Tmobile customer and I have loved my new android phone (the Samsung Galaxy Blaze).  But I'm very disappointed with T-mobile in regards to the Springboard. I took the device off of 4G because the signal was always weak and it was a waste of money.  They say they will charge the early termination fee. If they do, I will likely be seeking legal advice because that is simply unacceptable and irresponsible on T-mobile's part to sell highly defective products and make the user pay for their bad choice of partnership with the manufacturer.  I hope TM will own up to its mistake.

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                                  What's even more disturbing is that, despite this abysmal performance, TM are about to reward Huawei with an order for their next signature MyTouch device.




                                  This would have been a perfect opportunity to exercise some leverage on Huawei, but once again TM make a bad decision when it comes to doing the right thing by their customers. They can't hope to handle problems with a smartphone in this way and yet they are losing an opportunity to find out if Huawei are capable of ever stepping up to the plate.

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                                    UPDATE 4/22/12


                                    I filed a complaint with the BBB regarding the tablet and my phone.  I was contacted by a TM rep very quickly regarding my phone and they have satisfied me regarding the historic problems with my myTouch 4G.


                                    In regard to the Springboard they said there is nothing they can do (this is coming from the corporate office) in regard to the tablet - that it is a Huawei issue.  I was not thrilled with this reponse.  But...several days after I posted this complaint I was contacted my a rep from Huawei regarding the return of the tablet.  He did something and actually got them to send me the infamous missing mailing label and said they have 'flagged' my RMA for priority service.  I mailed the tablet to them on 4/13/12 and have not heard anything yet, but didn't expect to.  They quote that it will take 10-14 days for repair and return of the tablet.


                                    I'll keep you updated to see if they actually fix it and what the time frame is.  Hopefully the rep from Huawei will contact (by PM) those of you that said you are having similar problems and take care of you as well.


                                    I will say that even though I have been with TM since it was VoiceStream I will most likely be moving to another company as soon as my contracts are up.  If their service continues on this downhill path it's on, I just might pay the cancellation fees and go elsewhere.

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