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    Well if you are using a galaxy 4G s here is the user guide that is always a good starting point, however if you have any specific questions please let us know.





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    I am Tufan and glad to be part of the Forum

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    Hi, I am Jenn.  The Galaxy S 4G is my first Android phone (previously used Blackberry).  I am here because I started having issues with the phone. As it is, I'm stuck with it another year.  I used to love my phone, and want to go back to being happy with it.  So I'm looking to see if anything on here can help me with my phone issues.

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    Hi im RaverX3X....

                       Sorry wont post real name...

    I would classify myself as a unique person lol... Some may already know me if you have any issues feel free to ask ....

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    Shello my friends my name is Monica.



    Thursday night my phone was stolen. I asked a ? but got no response so I'll ask here if that's cool. I didn't know t-mobile offered mobile security. I am so lost without my phoneit's like I had to learn how to use my desktop again. So first off why do people steal the phones? Can they find a way to do that? Is my Google account info not secure? Can the idiot that stole my baby Galaxy retrieve my info/passwords? I only have apps on my sd card.


    I wish they would make a phone that would blow up or have that red dye that banks have{Ok that was silly} When the claim goes through will it come will all the fixings{bluetooth, charger & intructions on how to turn it on? lol. Wow I can't believe how close I was to my baby Galaxy........Baby Galaxy I miss you! {ok silly again} but oh so totally true. When I get her back I'm going to wrap her up in a blanket, take a picture then put it on my FB. Thanks in advance!


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    hi i"m randy with a galaxy s 2, the e-mail notifications stopped working. when i recieve a e-mail i get a notification ring ,but i have to search the phone.the little check marks on the mail icon

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    Hi every one. I purchased the Samsung Galaxy 4G about a month ago. I have had nothing but problems with it from day 1. Every time I turn my phone off, for some reason it will stop reading the SD card. I lose all of my games and things that are stored in the memory and at times the phone will have a full charge it will power off on its on. Also, if the phone goes into roaming, when I get back to Tmomils area, it will not switch back from roaming network to Tmobile network unless I power the phone off, then I lose everything on SD card. Please help if you are having this problem too, or if you have any suggestions on how I can fix my phone without taking it to Tmobil store. The closest Tmobile store is 2 and a half hours away from me. Thanks and it is nice meeting you all.

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    Hi  quite often if you switch your phone off  . Take out your battery  and sim card  . Wipe the sim card with a soft dry tissue  . Insert your sim  and battery and switch  your phone phone on again  . Quite often this resets your phone  . If not try your master reset on your menue options  , but some times this does loose some information  . Hope this helps  .

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    Hi i am Abigail and its  nice being able to contact u all, my problem is i have a mytouch 3g and i am not hearing when i receive calls. Could you help me


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    Hi  is it possible that you may have touched the  MUTE  option by misstake  . ?   Do you hear  a tone when you receive a text message ?

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    Unlike the Swype version on the HTC-HD2, the version on the galaxy s2 is much different: the keys on the keyboard are much smaller, when deleting a partially misspelled word, you lose the word spacing, also you lose the Capital letter if a mistake is made at the beginning of a sentence (u get only ONE SHOT), there are no more arrow cursor, and the touchscreen version for cut, paste, etc is EXTREMELY SENSITIVE....


    You wouldn't happen to know if Swype is working on any improvements to the galaxy Swype version that might incorporate some of the awesome features from the HD2 version?


       Secondly, I see no way to eliminate the galaxy s2 from timing out and locking the screen; this is especially frustrating when using keypad on a telephone call whereby you have to keep pushing the "on" button on the top right side of phone first, then unlock the screen to expose the keypad.  Any way to adjust that?  I see all kinds of apps promising to keep the phone from sleeping, but I don't see anything of a sort happening.


    Last, I see only 3 volume adjustments:

    1)  incoming call volume

    2)  media volume

    3)  notification volume


    This issue I have is with the notification volume as there at a number of notifications each of which would require different volume adjustments.  Ie:  alarm notification would be desired at Louder volume than say an incoming text message.  Any App or something or other way to expand the menu to include more?



    Along that same line;  the notification ALERT SOUNDS don't, again, match the number of actual notifications available.  How would I go about expanding that?


    Calendar alerts are too soft in sound as well, and don't always seem to work.

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    One more thing on the galaxy s2....


    I noticed that my Bluetooth doesn't automatically pair itself with the SG2 right as soon as I power the Bluetooth on.  Every single phone I've ever owned did but this one.


    I have to shut the Bluetooth activity OFF from the status bar, turn it back ON for it to search, and then touch the the Bluetooth device it sees which says it's paired to, wait a moment for the confirming "connect, or paired" tone then i'm good to go.   It should not be this way....why so much fuss, and can that be fixed?


    I also notice that from time to time it disconnects for a few minutes and reconnects a few minutes after that.  Why?


    I have a theory on that one....perhaps it shuts down after a period of non-use?  If that if so, then why would it reconnect itself shortly after during the same period of "non-use?




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    Hello everyone, im Isel and I need help! My galaxy S 4g'S screen turned black and there is no water or physical damage but they said my warranty wont cover it. I called and they tried rebooting it or something but it doesnt work. i can hear it turn on and off but the screen is just black. Im still paying for this phone that i just got on March so im not very happy about that. I hate the idea of having to pay for it all over again. Im wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas that might help! Thank you

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    Hi, I'm fezzywig, and recently purchased GS Blaze 4G.  Have a problem running out of memory in usb storage and can't play my music.   I have a 32GB sd card.  What's the deal?

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    Hi quite often some problems are just an hickup . They are like a sky box that crashes . You could try switching off your phone . Remone your battery & sim card and your 32GB sd card  . Wipe the cards with a soft tissue . Replace  every thing  then swith your phone again  .  If that does not solve your problem  . Go to main menue and select master reset  , but if you do that you can loose all your presets etc  .  Eg ringtone presets .  Hope that solves your problem  .

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