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    no sound from external speaker

      My Samsung Galaxy Sll when I plug in external speakers thru the headphone jack does not work all I hear is the phone speaker Talked to Tmo guys no help its a brand new phone also the battery draining out pretty fast is there something I need to do to get the sound from external speaker

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          I have seen something similar.


          If I am playing audio (music, netflix) and I connect to external speakers via the headphone jack, there is little to no sound.


          If I stop the source and restart it, then the sound will be at the expected level in the external speakers.


          It's definitely annoying and not what I see on other Android devices.

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            Well I get nada from my Bose speakers T mo says its the speakers not the phone I will try Samsung to see if they have any solution

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              You know its funny I just upgraded from galaxy S4g I never have a problem Re external speakers

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                The only real soulution right now is to establish a control  to so you can test that theroy.  Like borrow from a friend/family or coworker any other device that has a 3.5mm headphone/speaker out, ie laptop, iPod any other cellphone.  If in fact you can hook up the control device and get sound that kinda helps to eliminate the speakers and the cable.  I'd move the control device, while playing music, very slowly around in a 3D circle to test the cable and see if you're getting any intermitten sound, fading in and out or static.  If you get any of the aforementioned replace the cable and conduct the test again.  If all these prove positive you've successfully established that there may be a problem with the phone.

                And there is also the obvious.  If possible immediately after you've conducted your test and everything passes then hook up your phone.  Make sure you're not playing anythng while hooking up your phone.  Once hooked up go start your music and make sure the volume is all the way up on 15.  If nothing pause the music, back out of the app and go to the home screen. Go to Settings>Sound>Volume. Ensure that all your volumes are at maxium.  Go back to music/video and if still nothing you have some solid evidence to explain to T-Mobile Customer Care that your device is defective.  Record your experiment if you have to and load it to the phone if you have the available means to do so.

                Best of luck.

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                  Today I used the headphone on a fully charged cellphone and looks like its working I still have to test out the external speaker though