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What's wrong with T-mobile text message system?


What's wrong with T-mobile text message system. My first Samsung Galaxy S, kept turning off by itself. I received another one and it keeps text message failing when I sent. I got another Galaxy S and it keeps doing the same problem. The last time I called Customer Service. They are telling me that T-mobile is experiencing a problem sending text messages. They were going to exchange my phone for the Exhibit II, 4G, but this phone is also having the same problems. I am going to give T-mobile a week to solve this problem, if they do not resolve this problem. I am going to cancel the phone lines I have, each month at a time. I can't believe this problem. Is like T-Mobile is the step-company of cell phones. Get it together!

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    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Wireless and Networks.
    4. Tap Mobile Networks.
    5. Tap Network mode.
    6. Tap GSM Only.
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    The better question is whats wrong with Tmobile period?


    But it is ironic that Tmobile is going around boasting about how it has the best most reliable 4G network and then then you cant even send a simple text message without turning that 4G off.

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    I totally agree. My wife and I both have the Galaxy S 4G and both of them have text messaging problems. She can't send or receive text messages unless her phone is in "GSM Only" mode. My phone can't send long text messages. If they're too long, the rest of the message never gets sent.


    The customer service rep at the local T-Mobile booth in the mall said that they could be from a batch of defective devices and that he's seen it before. He admitted that 1% of all devices are defective. It doesn't sound like much, but when you are talking about 10's of millions of devices, you're talking about hundreds of thousands of defective devices.


    If they don't fix this problem, as far as I'm concerned they haven't met the term in the service contract. That's not to mention the phone always freezing, dropped calls and no signal in my house when it's windy.


    I really regret going with T-Mobile. You get what you pay for.

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    The sad thing is that with both the text failures and the Exhibit 2 screen freezing, Tmobile basically gives customers the finger and says 'theres nothing we can do."  Just had another conversation with TForce who again just said the same thing they robotically say every time "we're working with Samsung blah blah blah" which is totally false because theyve said that for 6 months and there hasnt been a single software update in that entire time period.  In the meantime, they admit the phone has these problems.  ^CG from the Twitter Support team just wrote "Both issues are 'reported.' Theres no ETA at this time.  I'm sorry I couldnt do more."   Well you could provide a fix or provide customers with a comprable working phone so they can send texts on the 4G network theyre paying for and dont have to reset their phones daily when they freeze.  Makes no sense.


    Now, they just reduced the price of the Exhibit2 on Tmobile's website by a hundred bucks so I guess theyre trying to get rid of inventory before more people have problems.  The lack of customer service is just appalling - and I say that as someone who has never been with another carrier but is counting the days until I leave Tmobile for good.  They just dont get it - how they keep damaging their brand by selling a phone which they admit has problems - and then refusing to make good on it.  I still dont understand how a company can sell a device they admit doesnt work like its supposed to?

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    T-Mobile Response:

    T-Mobile USA, Inc. (“T-Mobile”) is in receipt of your recent correspondence regarding your request to cancel services with an Early Termination Fee waiver.


    Unfortunately, we are unable to waive the Early Termination Fees on your account.  Should your account remain canceled you will be responsible for the Early Termination Fees. You can perform a Change the Responsibility, which is a change in billing responsibility from one person or business to another person or business. This will prevent you for having the Early Termination Fee and will allow the new customer take over your account with no Activation Fee.


    Please be advised that T-Mobile bills in arrears.  You can remit payment via check or credit card by contacting our Customer Care department or by mail using the billing remittance slip that is included in your monthly billing statement.


    If you are interested in completing a Change of Responsibility, please contact our Customer Care department from 3am - 10pm PST at800-937-8997 or internationally from a landline by dialing 1-505-998-3793.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at the address listed above.




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    This is not a problem with their network. Its a problem with Samsung software on the phone.

    Samsung needs to update their software to fix the problem.

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    theartiszan, I did speak with Samsung and was informed that they are not aware of any issues with text messaging. So I ask who is not filling in the details properly. Also calling Samsung has not resolved the issue other than for me to send in my phone.


    I have the Exhibit 2 and it fails over 50% of the time, also it is not all Samsung's as I know a few folks that hae theem and do not experince the problems that I am.

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    Sorry  tmo_alicia_b                        your suggestion does not work. I still get message fail to send on the 3G. I really wish that someone would take some responsiblity to get this issue resolved. Shy of moving to a different phone there is no resolution to this problem and that would be the only option I have seeing that Tmobile refuses to deal with the issue.

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    The last time I called Customer Service; they advised me to use two applications for SMS; Chomp and Handcent. These applications keeps eating my date plan and getting spam messages. I can not wait to terminate my contract with T-Mobile.

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    Sorry Nyroman&JasonPet, youre both 100% right.  Tmobile has made it clear that it refuses to take responsibility for ALL of the Exhibit2 problems, wont fix the problems, and wont provide customers with a comprable working phone.  ECR told me "Im sorry youre not satisfied with our resolution; we suggest you find a new carrier."  So thats what you probably need to do.  So much for CEO Humm's mantra that Tmobile needs to improve customer service and reduce churn.  Silly folks expecting your cell phone to work properly and send a text message....


    I have heard some folks say they spoke to tech support and were able to get some relief by changing the APN settings on the device.  That might be worth a shot if youre lucky enough to get a capable tech person on the line.  Its still strange to me that some people have all these issues, and others dont.  My SMS was working, but I still had the freezing and other issues.


    Sadly, the only thing that will probably get Magenta's attention is bad publicity or a class action lawsuit.  Be glad thats the only issue youre having with the Exhibit2.  But Tmobile isnt going to do anything so the options are to get a different phone or switch carriers.  Theyve been promising to fix these problems for six months and have done absolutely nothing so I wouldnt hold your breath.

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    Today I called and I requested a written letter that Samsung is aware of this issue. They could not give me something written stating that the text message problem with Samsung S Galaxy and Exhibit II4g has to do with Samsung, not their 4G network. Therefore, the supervisor lied to be stating that Samsung knows of the issue and they are waiting for a software update. BS!!!


    I requested to instruct me on canceling my two lines with a purchase of phones with another carrier. Then, all the sudden, I was advised that I could exchange the phone for a T-mobile G2X with Google. So, let's see how this phone works once I get it. Therefore, if your having the same problem, it takes a lot of phone calls, until someone listen and exchange the phone for a different one. I will not get the Exhibit II4G.

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    If this is a known work around (which a T-Mobile moderator is aware of), why isn't T-Mobile working with Samsung to have this problem resolved in a firmware update? Telling your customers, "We're the largest 4G network...blah, blah blah" and at the same time telling them to turn off 4G to use text messaging, isn't the brightest response.


    T-Mobile is saying call Samsung because there doesn't appear to be a problem with the network, only that the phone is having trouble functioning when on the 4G network. I just called Samsung and they have no idea of this problem with the phones and all they tell me is to pay to have my phone sent in so a technician can look at it. They insist that the problem is on the T-Mobile side, to which I agree.



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    Dont bother sending it in..I did 2 manufacturer repairs & ALL the Exhibit2 problems still existed. Tmo has been saying theyre working with Samsung for 6 mos..& EVERY Samsung person Ive spoken to --including tech supervisor, custserv & ECR deny that & blame Tmo entirely...And yes uts laughable that Tmo is running new ads boasting their 4G while simultaneously telling customers to turn that off for something as basic as sending a text. Try emailing david at tmonewsdotcom or other tech writers..if enuf people write in & let these journalists know whats going in & Tmos lack of response, some action would be taken!!!

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