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    Update.  As I can't use a hard case (due to poor blue tooth range with a case), but needed one (as I find the Amaze pretty slippery without a case), I had a "Zagg Invisible Shield" installed (from a kiosk at the mall).  I opted for the full case option ($30), it covers the front and back with a thin, clear plastic shield - you can't really tell it's there, except by feel.  It doesn't reduce my blue tooth range (like the hard case did), and I also keep my fingers away from the upper left corner on the back of the phone (that's where the blue tooth antenna is, just inside the case, which you can see if you remove the back of the phone).  As the thin plastic won't protect the phone if you drop it, I need to be careful, but with the shield it's not slippery and feels pretty good in your hand.  You can also take the phone's back off without removing or damaging the shield.

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    Here's the breakdown:

    The original firmware was EXCELLENT. Apply the updates, you lose Bluetooth range - it's just that simple.


    I contacted HTC Support and spoke to Eric eventually with the "Escalation" team (if you are watching - Hi! Eric!)


    Here's the nature of my rant:


    Point 1: I would be more than happy to go back to the original firmware and call it it day. However, even with the "Dev unlock" you can't do that because the Wifi calling update overwrote the modem file. Attempting to load older firmware will cause a "you can't go backwards" (paraphrased) error. You are done.


    Now if something like this happened with my old Samsung Vibrant, I could go back and forth with various firmwares with impunity and no consequence.




    Point 2:


    They asked me to order a warranty replacement. It already had the update, It was just as bad. Wasted money. Are they going to give me back the cash. No.




    Point 3:


    The previous point should never have happened because - 1. It is beyond belief that this bad of a problem passed QA. 2. This thread is OLD and somehow they don't seem to know this problem exists. In any event. Eric from HTC gave me the impression that they know now.




    Sadly, this will probably delay ICS.





    FINALLY - IF HTC would quit doing this S-ON business to us, we would quit costing them money. In support time. Dear T-Mo. Is it too late for a GS2?

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    I bought the Amaze within the first week of release- I needed a new phone.


    I had bluetooth issues before I downloaded any updates.

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    I recently purchased a HTC amaze 4g and noticed somthign very odd happening.


    when I am connected to my bluetooth headset and am lisitign to music and if i lainch another application (game) with music/sound the bluetooth connection hangs, no sound comes through and I need to turn off and back on bluetooth on the phone (If i can ) somtimes the phone actually hangs when this happens and I need to restart.


    I disabled music on the game and it seemed to work for a bit until a few quick soudn succsions ocured and the same hangign oocured. This does not happen when using wired headphones, so it is defintly a bluetooth issue.


    I had a panache before this and had no complaints

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    Still no word from HTC on this issue.  It's really getting annoying, it's getting worse!  I might as well use a wired headset.

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    Well I FINALLY found a bluetooth headset that works well with the Amaze!!  I bought the LG Tone headset mainly for listening to music wirelessly, but tried it out with my Amaze and have excellent range and no static when I hold the phone behind my back or in my jacket pocket.  I also can use any of the hard cases I have with no drop in range at all. The range before any static occurs is at least 15 ft if not more.  This headset must have a stronger transmitter that overcomes the bad bluetooth antenna design on the Amaze or maybe the around-the-neck design of the headset helps distribute the bluetooth signal more evenly.  Either way, I now have the reception and range I used to have with my previous phone.

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    Thanks for the information, and I'm glad you found a set that works for you. I was really excited until I searched the Tone and found it far to conspicuous for what I was looking for. I did look at the Samsung Binaural which has a small form factor, but after buying and trying 4 different BT's I am waiting for HTC/T-mobile to take up their responsibilty.

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    I would like to see a class-action lawsuit filed on this issue.  The bluetooth problem on the Amaze has all but rendered my hands-free devices useless.  What happens when someone has an auto accident and injures someone or themselves because they stopped using their hands-free device.  This issue really needs to be addressed.  I have owned 4 different HTC smartphones.  The amaze has been a good phone other than the BT problem.  Maybe we need an online petition. 


    HTC:  Be the company I thought you once were.  Fix the bluetooth problem and completely unlock the phone for customized development.

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    I wish I would have seen this or been warned by someone when purchasing the phone. Here too, can even put the phone it my pocket without loosing bluetooth connection. Worthless for handsfree. Obviously tmobile and htc are aware and have been aware for many months that there is a serious issue with the bluetooth connnectiviity, however they refuse to fix or stop selling the device as it is. I was told by tmobile that my only option is to exchange it using warranty as I waited 16 days to complain instead of 14. For the warranty I was told htc has forbidden them to exchange it with anything besides another amaze. That they know of the problem and "maybe in the next year they will have a fix." Really? Wait a year for maybe? This all came from the loyalty dept at tmobile. My loyalties are now shifting. Been a customer for over 10 years, no value in that I suppose.

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    Badgerdave.....talking with an attorney right now about this very issue.

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    Please keep me posted.  I also read in another Amaze forum post that the phone has the Dual Core processor but only has the ability to utilize just 1 of the cores.  That we (Amaze users) will not see any chance of using both cores of the "dual core" processor until ICS is released for our phones.  This too makes me feel taken advantage of.  I will gladly sign on to a class-action lawsuit. 


    I am currently involved in a Local TV Investigation here in Houston behind my youtube video "Guy Cheats Kid in Houston" (which was filmed with the Amaze.) I tossed out the idea to the investigative reporter that they might want to look into this "Dual Core" and "Bluetooth" issue with the Amaze.  They seemed quite interested and asked me to gather up some links and forward them to their email.  I think all this is much bigger than we give it credit.  How wide spread is this "Dual core" issue?

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    The bluetooth is so bad with the Amaze that I am attempting to put android on my HD2.


    I made a complaint with TMobile and HTC, but I'm sure nothing will happen.

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    As an update, I managed to get Android running on my HD2 from the SD card.


    The bluetooth on the HD2 rocks.


    So yes, there is a problem with the Amaze.


    I went more than 10' away from the HD2 with some wood frame walls in the line of sight, and I never lost connection. I can put the Amaze in my shirt pocket and lose connection.


    Same headset.

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    I have decided to call customer support a few times a week as most of us have owned the Amaze for 6 months or 25% of our contract. I have owned a $500 for 6 months and have had slightly more utility than the three year old blackberry it replaced which at the time was a free upgrade. I have yet to take advantage of the other features for this phone voracious power consumption, I havent been able to set aside a couple hours to learn how to manipulate the task manager. My guestimate from the battery meter and need for charging indicates 12-17% per hour disharge rate per hour standing by. Anyway thats another forum.


    Today's conversation was completely starting over. After mulltiple calls in November and waiting for and installing the last update that was supposed rectify the bluetooth issues, I was told to do a master reset to fix the issue. I expressed my skeptism and was told this had to be done before further action could be taken. That action being a replacement HTC amaze presumably with the same hardware malfunction, we will see.


    So here it goes. I am going to back up my phone do the reset and likely kill three hours in the process to take one for the team ( you can thank me later.)