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    HELP! Too Many Contacts and Replicating Continuosly

      My MyTouch 4g is synching (?) my contacts over and over and it's copying the same ones hundreds of times. What can I do for this to stop?


      my contacts are in the thousands because some (not all) are copied hundreds of times. my phone is slowing, and the battery life is depleting!


      thanks for the help!

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          Hi zakrz1,

               Do you know where you have your contacts saved(ex Google, Phone, SIM)? If you have contacts saved in multiple locations they will show up multiple times. Check you display options(go to contact>press Menu>View) and make sure you only have the groups you want visible set to display.

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            thanks alicia.

            i only have the tmobile, sim, phone boxes checked. also its not that its merely showing a few of the same, its hundreds (literally) of the same. currently my contacts has over 5000 listed, when it really should be <200.


            and my phone is lagging awful!

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              Uncheck T-Mobile and SIM, and see if it still shows the high number of contacts. If not, that shows the extras are coming from T-Mobile. You can log into your myT-Mobile.com account and delete the duplicates easier and quicker than than you would from the device. Let me know what happens.

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                ok. i was at costco yesterday and the tmobile guy said to take out and put back in the battery and sim card to do a soft reboot.i did, and it has stopped the crazy synching...however, i see that "google" under view contacts has 22k+, but it remains unchecked. am i right that if i check the google box, it will give me the synch issues? and also...whats up with google. i do not have nearly that many contacts. will it affect my ability to message people if i dont have google checked? and is this something i should try to fix, or forget?


                also, still some lag with the message apps. especialy when trying to type in names and have it autofill...takes a long time for something that until a couple of days ago was virtually instantaneous.


                thanks for all you help.

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                  If it is unchecked under view, those contacts just are not visible in your phonebook. If you do not want the contacts to sync with Google, go to Settings>Accounts and sync>Select your GMail account. There you will see the option to uncheck the GMail option. The contacts are still in your phone, just are just not updating or duplicating. You do have the option of logging into your GMail account from a computer and deleting the contacts, and then syncing your device again. Syncing that way will remove whatever you delete from the computer from the phone as well. Unchecking Google will not affect your ability to message people.


                  The reason you notice a lag when you are entering a name is because of the number of contacts you have in your phone, even though you have unchecked Google. those contacts still show up when you in the device.