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beautiful phone .... but network or phone issues

I just got a My Touch by LG and it is a great little phone beautiful screen and fast (given the bloatware) I am having an issue that I have seen on this and many other sites, but I have not noticed any real answers.


Ok in my area T-Mobile coverage is 2g and I can live with that for now hopefully they can roll out some nice 4g love (where is the 3g lol). At my house T-Mobile doesnt even have any coverage and I use the nice feature on the phone with the wifi calling in my house and I am also ok with that even though paying for service and that is where my question comes in at  .... but when I am away from the wifi it says I have 2 to 3 bars (out of 4) on the phone and when I go to send a text It just says sending.... or if I try to call it says not registered to network. I go into options ... wireless and networks ... network operators ... search networks  and AT&T is there so i go to connect and it says "unable to connect to network at this time please try again later" and I tried a couple times. I was wondering if there was any way I would be able to register on the AT&T network or if I am s.o.l..


I also tried customer support through the 611 and you know they arent very helpful anymore, plus they dont speak GOOD ENGLISH.