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    Freezing and random restarts

      I have a Samsung Galaxy 4G (SGH-T959V) running 2.3.6 firmware/OS and Kernal It periodically freezes and restarts itself. When it freezes I am forced to pull the battery and boot it up to get it to work again. It will restart pretty much anytime...no rhyme or reason to it. I work in IT and know technology, including mobile devices quite well. I manage the memory and don't have the phone overloaded with a bunch of junk apps, photos or music.I have done the following in an attempt to remedy the issues:


      1. Manage memory daily

      2. Factory reset

      3. Factory reset and then not install any apps other than what the phone comes preloaded with

      4. Replaced memory card


      None have ultimately fixed the issue. This is the third Samsung Galaxy line phone I have had in a matter of a year. I originally purchased the first Galaxy Vibrant when it came out. I had it replaced under warranty due to identical issues I am having with this one. The replacement exhibited the same problems so I replaced it with the Galaxy 4G in hopes Samsung had the bugs ironed out...they do not. I know this is a phone issue and not an OS/APP issue as my wife has a HTC Sensation 4G running the same exact OS build and the exact same applications (Facebook, Square, Mint, iHeart Radio, and Rhapsody) and she has zero issues with her phone.


      I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for several years, and presently have three lines with them. So far the service I have received with regards to this phone (including today's useless online chat) has been poor at best. What can T-Mobile do to rectify this situation?



        Jason Grosso

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          I have the exact same situation.  My wife has the Samsung Galaxy 4G and I have the HTC Sensation.  I almost got 2 Sensations back in August and am now regret that I didn't.  The Sensation has been great.  I did the KIES update months ago to the Samsung and since the phone has been buggy.  It is obviously a bad firmware and looks like Samsung/Tmobile may never release a newer firmware to resolve this.  Do you have insurance? may be able to replace it with another model.  We have been through all the resets, etc.  I keep hoping that there is a new update that fixes the Galaxy, but appears like it won't happen.

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            I also have this problem. Have either of you figured out what the issue is or how it can be resolved?

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              I too have this problem at least once a day if not more. Sometimes a simple re-start works but most times it needs the battery pulled. And no I'm not nearly as fastidious as the OP when it comes to managing memory. This has been going on forever, both pre & post Gingerbread.


              This factory reset thing, seriously.....good thing we don't have to do a factory reset on our PCs all the time.

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                Hi jjgrosso,

                     We have recently identified this as a known issue. Our recommendations to help reduce or avoid this issue are to manage your memory, clear the cache partition, and if that does not correct the issue a master reset will need to be done. I know you mentioned you already manage your memory, but if managing the memory or the master reset do not correct the issue, contact us, and we can review your replacement options.

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                  Same problem. I am fed up. I have tried everything. Sometimes i pick up my phone to use it only to see it rebooting and starting up on its own. Constant freezing and apps closing on their own. Recieved an SMS, touched to check it, message opened and after 2 seconds everything closes and goes back to home screen. Same thing happens when I try Dialling a number. Don't know what to do anymore...

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                    We are having another one (same model) sent to see what happens.  I was shocked to see that this phone is still for sale.  Makes me wonder if they had some faulty hardware get into some of these phones, because some of them must work, or it would have been discontinued.  All the postings here say the same issues happened with the replacement phone also.  My wife said these issues were happening before the KIES update, so we will see what happens with the next (most likely refurbed) phone.

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                      I have the same issue. I contacted tmobile and they would only offer to replace the phone with the same model!!!!


                      What's the point of that! So much for the "known issue" and "replacement options".



                      Were you able to get something resolved? This is ridiculous.

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                        So far we have used the replacement for almost 2 days with no issues, but that is too short to give much of a test. As the rule of posting this now (part of Murphys Law), I am sure it is frozen as I type this.

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                          I am also experiencing the same problems with my phone. I recently did a factory reset, and while the phone does run faster/less lagging there are still multiple crashes/freezes. Within the past couple of days, I have also been managing the cache pretty strictly, clearing it almost every hour. The memory is not close to full, but I still have freezes. Any other solutions to this yet?

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                            When you did the reset did you skip the setup or have the sd card in?

                            Need to try without that so it don't try restoring bad appLications or settings.

                            Also to test without installing or updating any of the applications from the marketplace.

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                              I did a complete wipe. Everything back to factory. Problem still exists.

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                                I would like to mention that I have monitored my cache, deleted all downloaded apps even the ones that came on the phone that I NEVER use, deleted pictures, videos, etc. just to free up space on my phone and even moved some APPS to my SD card. My phones memeory is 3/4 used and can't figure out what to remove to get more memory. I've tried moved everything to my SD card, but my phone still freezes. It will randomly shut off and the next time I check my phone......it's off. Also people will call/text me but I don't receive their calls/text and if a VM is left, I wont get it for a couple of days.  This is getting really frustrating. My phone is only a year old and I'm about ready to cancel my service. Having a phone shouldn't be this difficult and frustrating.

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                                  I would recommend those that can get a free replacement, even though it is the same phone, to try it.  I have not seen any post yet that says they reset the phone and it has been working for weeks.  Usually it is fine for about one day.  I still think that there is faulty hardware in some of these phones and there is no software/firmware fix possible. I have been watching this forum and others for some time.

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                                    I did not take my SD card out, however I did a factory reset that wiped ALL data on my phone. No photos, contacts, apps, app settings or anything at all was left. Started fresh, but crashes are still persistent.

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