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    ICS 4.0.4 - overseas

      Google has just released 4.0.4 but there is no manual "official" update, OTA only. My Nexus S is registered to T-Mobile (US), but I am using it on Vodafone (NZ). How can I get the upgrade?

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          Hi leppo2,


          OTA update is actually depends on the network and the phone model.

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            Actually, I called Vodafone and asked about that. They said it is unlikely that I will be included in their push because my phone is not registered with them. Since I bought my Nexus S (unlocked) from Best Buy it cannot be registered here in New Zealand. I guess it was originally registered to T-mobile because all the paperwork in the box said T-mobile and it even came with a T-mobile sim (which I obviously never used as I was leaving the country). I tried to do the manual thing with the file from the Google server, but I got the ubiquitous "Status 7" error.

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              You should try to check some helpful videos in youtube on how to manually update your phone or ask a question in XDA Developers for the update.

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                #jdiaz97...actually, I tried the manual update (several times) and always got the Status 7 error. But low and behold, I got the OTA yesterday. Vodafone NZ came through...my battery charge instantly went from less than 50% to 87% and I don't think it dropped much below that for the rest of the day. Also, I think the WiFi reception increased. Whereas I could not receive the signal in certina parts of my house, I get it everywhere now. This was definately a worthwhile update.

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                    #bkr9955...I couldn't agree with you more.

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                      Hi leppo2,


                      Wow! that's good news! Oveseas actually Galaxy Nexus are in ICS came out of the box. The ICS 4.0.4 is that the latest update? The ICS in Samsung Nexus, is it also using the Touch Wiz UI? Coz the Galaxy S2 still using the Touch Wiz UI in ICS my friend receives and update last week. I dont like it.