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    Tmobile service, what a joke

      I have the worse phone in the world. Samsung sidekick 4 g. T mobile says that my problem is with Samsung. I purchased the phone from tmobile. I am therefore,  regrettably a tmobile customer. I trusted t mobile to back me up especially after 15 yrs of my payments. When I answer my phone now I say "sorry if my phone cuts out I have tmoble and they suck". I suggest that we all do the same. Also use all of Yor social media to spread the word.

      Phone freezes, powers off, generally a piece of.  Remember friends ont let fiends buy tmobile

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          Maybe you just have issues with your device and bed help but after the update the one we have is running good with the proper maintenance.

          Also I like my T-Mobile service, get good coverage and cheaper then the other of the major 4.


          possible we can help, when mainly do you have those problems?

          Do you get any error messages?

          Even when the phone is working properly do you restart it once a day?

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            I don't have to restart my side kick daily. It does it on its own several times a day.  I have had several replacements of the same refurbished garbage. My problem is not with tmobile coverage or price. It is with their unwillines to stand up 4 me with. Their choice of phones. I am nt a phone expert. That is why I should use a company that is

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              That is why I specified when it is working normally do you reboot daily.

              This issue is almost always software.

              Remove the memory card and keep it out

              Master reset the phone

              Don't sign back in, download any applications, or put the memory card back in for a few days and reboot once a day and see how it is working those few days.

              if the problem still happens then it's actually the phone (highly unlikely) if not is one of the above and can trail by error to find out which one. Most likely a app that is conflicting on the phone.

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                I have done all of the above with all of the refurbished one that I was sent. The phone is problem.that doesn't bother me as much as tmobiles refusal to remedy the problem. They tell me to wait for samsungs fix. If I were samsungs customer like tmobile is I would be furious with samsung. I am tmobiles customer and guess what.

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                  Sorry for my tirade. I realize that u r just trying to help.  I know that u didn't make the phone or the rules. I am jst extremely frustraded with the samsung sidekick. Now when I am offerd a replacement sidekick I decline. I can put my refurbished sidekick in my own mailbox and take it right out. An edsel is an Edsel is an edsel

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                    Thanks Tmobile for consitently sendin me the same side kick with the same problems. this has to be the 6th one. It only freezes when you toch it. when is someone goin to respond that has the authority to handle customer complaints. i continually get the same refurbished **** with the same problems. i have been a loyal customer for over 10 years.  i got my replacement yesterday and now have to call tech support to tell me to power cycle. reboot, turn off. It appears that someone there would have the authority to read the last 30 complaints and offer a new solution. Ford motor company retired the Edsel. T mobile recycles theirs.

                    Thanks your loyal customer