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Screen feedback when on flat surface?

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I've noticed that the screen isn't as responsive when it's on a surface and you try to tap icons. So I can have it on my desk and if I try to navigate through the phone, it's way less responsive than if I were holding it upright/whatever in my hand.


I thought of maybe doing a screen calibration but I'm not sure that this phone has that option (if it does, it's not very obvious).


That said, has anyone else noticed this about their phone? Is it just how they are or is there a way to change this?

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    Hello there,


    There's a few things that may be causing this. Hope I can help you get the most out of your phone.


    First thing, the Exhibit 2 4G can clear system cache to free up space. In general, with this or any smartphone, you'll get better performance if you can keep a majority of memory clear. Unlike a master reset, this type of clear, should not cause you to lose any saved information.


    Also, restarting the phone frequently can help to keep things running tip top. Probably once a day is all that's necessary, but more often won't hurt anything.


    As a last resort ( you probably won't want to do this unless the screen is so unresponsive its unusable) you can do a master reset to restore the phone to the state it was in out of the box.


    It's hard to judge based on your post, but if the screen is very unresponsive and all of the above hasn't made a significant improvement, we might want to consider warranty options.


    Hope this info helps!

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    Thanks for the response, but I already do all this regularly (sans master reset, which I'm not going to do since this isn't a serious, serious issue). I'm not touching the warranty options over a trivial thing. I'd prefer to keep this phone than get sent a refurb.


    The screen itself is fine all the time. Just when it's sitting on a desk, counter, table, etc. and I try to navigate, it just spazzes. Not sure if it's a sensor or what. :/ Not a huge deal, I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue. I'm usually holding my phone 9/10 times anyway.

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    I remember this happening to some people with the MT3G as well.  the screen was not responsive if you were not holding it.  here are some options: 


    1. the screen could be bad (less sensitive) as this does not happen will all phones. 

    2. having the phone flat on the table (perfectly horizontal) is causing a problem with the screen rotation (horiz/vert).  It does not know which way to rotate and the phone is locking up.  try propping up the phone slightly to see if that helps. 

    3. One theory was that the phone needs the electrical energy from your hand holding it to make a good connection with your finger on the screen.  I'm not sure if I buy this, as it is not the case for all phones.


    there are no screen calibration settings, but the app GPS Status, has a setting to reset the gyroscope.  I think it's just rotating the phone on each axis a couple of times.  maybe that will help.

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    Yeah, I already know that tilting it upward is what helps. I just thought it was odd that the response is less than stellar when on a flat surface. I'll try the gyroscope settings though and see what that does.


    As for the "electrical energy" bit, I also find it a little hard to believe. I thought these screens were heat sensitive as opposed to pressure sensitive. Maybe somehow heat is linked to the electrical theory...?

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    Gandecab's posted some good information here.


    Number 2 sounds most likely. If there's some way to re-calibrate the gyro, that will probably clear this up.

    It is a little odd, haven't seen this probably very often. I hope its not ruining your experience with the phone too much.


    A master reset will re-calibrate the gyro as well, but sounds like everything else is going fine so you may not want to go that far.

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    Pretty much. Master reset should only be a solution if the entire phone is sol. I've noticed that's been thrown out as a solution to several problems when it's not really necessary. It just seems a tad extreme for trivial issues.


    I'll give the gyro a try and see what it does. If not, meh. Again, it's not a deal breaker issue, just something I'd noticed it doing.


    EDIT- Well it appears to have been the accelerometer that needed calibrating. I used gps status, like was mentioned, to help calibrate it. So far, it appears to have worked. I'll have to see how it behaves long term, but so far it's made a difference.



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    Hi there,


    Glad that your issue has been cleared up. Appreciate you taking the time to follow up here and share which information ended up helping. Hope that this discussion can help others in the future who may have similar problems.