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New Sensation 4G, use old 3G SIM or use provided new SIM?

I just recently got a thnew HTC Sensation 4G from TMobile. It seems to work fine with my old SIM Card at used 3G/2G in my old Android Motorola Cliq Phone, but I'm having an issue where 4G everywhere I test it in the state is slower than 3G was.

I commute 30 miles a day in-state to work (Connecticut) and it totally loses signal about 4 spots while on the highway and in back-roads, where my 3G/2G has NEVER lost signal. 

I was also told thatwhen there is no 4G signal in the area, it will fallback to 3G. I was told this by 3 sales people and the person I ordered the phone with over the phone with T-Mobile, which seems to not be the case. Once it loses 4G, it either goes to 2G or loses signal altogether.


Before I go and throw the phone at the salespeople in the T-Mobile store and cancel my renewed contract for them liing to me about its' abilities, shoudl I use the new SIM Card that came with the phone? I'm still using my old one as it worked right away once I put it in the new phone.



ps. Just now, when I do a speed test, at 4G I get 3.5Mbps, at 2G I get 0.12Mbps, with my odl phone and same sim, same location (Home) on 3G I get 6.86Mbps and at 2G I get 0.15Mbps.