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    Why is my phone always low on space?

      I barely have any apps, music, or pics on my phone and I literally only have 2 text messages still in my inbox because I always have to delete all the other ones in order to view any new texts or to create a new text! I already deleted all the cookies and internet history, but it's still low on storage! it says i have 7.39GB of total space, and my available space is 6.89G on my SD, and i have 7.11 available on mu internal. How can I be low on storage all the time!? It's driving me CRAZY!

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          have you tried clearing you call logs as well?

          how about checking if you have the lastest software?

          can you try to transfer your files to SD card..even yar contacts, if possible.


          but you mentioned that you have enough memory anyways, i think you need to do the factory reset.

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            Have you upgraded your phone to 2.2 (Froyo)? The software for Windows is available from HTC's website, but I believe if you have a Mac you need to take it to a T-Mobile store to get it updated.


            Froyo allows you to install some apps to the microSD card, which saves a lot of space. You may consider buying a new microSD card if you find that along with your pictures and music, your apps take up too much space. The Slide comes with an 8GB microSD card, and can support up to 32GB cards. I've personally used 16GB and 32GB cards with no problem.


            You can limit the amount of space the browser is allowed to use to begin with in the settings menu; that way you don't constantly have to go in and clear everything out.


            Before I updated I found that unless I had 17-20MB of internal storage free my phone would crash, especially during calls all the time, to the point of it being unusable.


            Hope that helps.

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              Hi gogocyndi,

                   Both clearkilling and fourfs have some very helpful suggestions. In addition to those, we have a document that will help you how. Check out Manage memory on Android.