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    My Radar crashed and killed itself. Now it won't restart or charge.

      I was using Internet Explorer via Wifi and it decided it was going to crash. The phone just froze and would not shut down. None of the buttons worked. After about a minute or so, it shut itself down. I tried to restart it, but it didn't work. I removed the back plastic cover and still nothing. Since we cant get to the battery there aren't many options I can do. It wont even charge when connected to the USB cable. So is the phone dead?

      I think I have insurance on it from T-Mobile, but it wouldn't matter because it's still less than a year old. So HTC covers it (I hope). I do not want to return it when ALL my data is saved to the phones memory. Is there a fix for this?


      The phone is up to date with all apps and operating system. It hasn't been damaged in any way. It has always been charged with the given charger/cable to the wall outlet. I've owned this phone since November.


      Just a little note. The phone has been off for about an hour and it's still warm. Electrical issues maybe??