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    Progressive battery drain on my GS2

      When I first received my GS2, I was consistently getting at least 16 hours on one charge. After a few months it's now averaging only about 10. Anyone else experience this? I don't have an exuberant amount of apps and my usage hasn't changed. Any input would be appreciated.

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          I recommend at least once every 2 months to allow the battery to fully discharge until the phone cuts off and won't turn back on. (preferably at night before you go to sleep)  Then put the phone on the charger in about 5 minutes you can turn it back on if you're using you phone as an alarm clock.  Otherwise allow it to fully recharge overnight. 


          You might want to try uninstalling apps like Words with Friends, Facebook and any other apps that constantly search for updates as this too will drain your battery set those to like 5 hours and update manually as you check them. Delete all outgoing text and emails sent from your phone as a rouge app could be just hung and eating up data and your battery (not likely here as you didn't say your data was maxing out)  A Factory reset is the preferred method for removing all apps.  Then install the apps one at a time give each one a day to see which one is causing the fast drain on the battery. If you have a bad signal this too will cause the battery to die.  Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if they are not in use.

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            Hi dhsteelers,

                 In addition to animaleyezz's suggestion take a look at Manage battery life. There will see suggestions on what you can do to conserver battery power.

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              Here are things I do to make my phones charge last 2 days before re-charging.


              1. Set screen brightness to lower setting than full brightness.

              2. Turn GPS off. This really drains my battery.

              3. Turn off data and wifi when you are not using them.

              4. By the Juice Defender app and use it.