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Fix for group messaging on T-Mobile on iOS 5! (Requires jailbreak)

[B][I]WARNING: I am not responsible if you ruin your device



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iPhone 4S users be careful![/I][/B]



Important notes:

You WILL need a jailbroken device

This has only been tested on iOS 5.0.x

You WILL need EDGE activated

The option in messages will always say OFF, if you switch it ON once you leave the page it will revert to OFF however it will still work: [I]This means you can not turn it on and off via settings[/I]



For this reason back up the files I am going to ask you to modify!




iFile (or an iphone file browser)



Alright lets get started

Step one - open up your iphone file browser

Set two - Navigate to System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Conference.framework

Step three - back up the messages.plist file to your computer or email or something

Step four - look for the string that says "ALLOW_GROUP_MESSANGING" and change it to "Group MMS" then save the file






Step five - Go to Var/Mobile/System/Library

Step six - make a backup of com.apple.carrier.plist

Step seven - open up that file and add the following/edit the strings EXACTLY as shown






Step eight - Go to Var/Mobile/System/Library

Step nine - make a backup of com.apple.mms.override.plist

Step ten - Change the string under "GroupMode enabled from "false" to "true"

Step eleven - reboot

Step twelve - turn on Group MMS in Settings - Messages (it will go back off after you leave this page)

Step thirteen - enjoy group messaging




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