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    Ready to drop kick the MyTouch 4g into next week.

      I have had it with this phone.  The camera is slow, the battery life is absolutely horrible, most apps force close and the phone locks up after I end most calls.  The only fix if the screen doesn't come back is to remove the battery.  Yikes!   I didn't by the insurance so I can't literally drop kick it into next week otherwise I would.  I called T-Mobile about upgrading early and they won't budge (even though I have been a customer for over 7 years without one late payment).  That's gratitude for you.  They did say I can upgrade but it would be close to $400 for an HTC Amaze or Galaxy S II which is there latest and greatest. I would be willing to try one of these phones and even extend my contract but If I am going to spend that kind of money for a phone I will just wait out my contract and get the iphone 4S or iphone 5 when they come out and they usually run $99 or $199 depending on the iphone.


      In the meantime, I need to do something.   Any suggestions?  Is there a site on the internet that sells refurbished, open box or scratch and dent phones that I can get my hands on without a contract?  Don't say ebay because the prices are ridiculous, I have no idea if the phone even works until they have my money and I don't want to get stuck with a Chinese fake or knockoff.