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    Email Problems

      Error message with POP3 email account.  Can send okay from phone, but cannot recieve.  Get error mesage that there is not enough free space, please delete some messages then try again.  We have no emails stored on the phone.

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          you need to remove the mail from the inbox on the mail server, not the phone.  POP3 accounts are not meant to have the mail stay on the mail server like IMAP accounts.  you need to log into you mail account from your computer and download the messages out of the inbox.  this will also remove the mail from the phone - if you have sync remote deletes selected in your mail settings. uncheck this setting to keep the mail on the phone.

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            let me ask u a question.. what is the make and model of the phone you are using?

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              The phone is a MyTouch 4G

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                Try to delete the email account in the phone then put it back in.... if it still doesnt work,, try using different email.. if it works in different emaill you need to contact the email provider of the email that doesnt work..

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                  Tried that - did not work.  Now I get an error message that it cannot connect to the mail server to verify account...states that the server is not responding.  Using instructions that Charter has posted on their website.

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                    charter mail is not very phone friendly.  lots of people have issues with it.  try connecting when you are on your home wifi (and using charter's IP).  also try a different email app like k-9 mail which may have better results.