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    send videos to others

      I have only one challenge for everyone that reads this post... Send any MMS to any 4 people.

      I will guaranty that 9 out of 10  will not be able to receive it. I have found over 14 different popular phones that will not receive the video...including Iphone 4, my touch, Galaxy S, and many others... they will get a black screen and only sound. If they get any video at all, it is too pixalated to even see anything.

      I have been working with Tmobile for 2 months now and still have not resolved this issue... I have been threw 7 master resets on 3 different hand sets... yeah that’s right yours is broken too!

      Please test it out and call tech support and let them know you want to be added to the many that are not able to send videos...

      Tmobile has opened a chat thread between them and Samsung, tell your tear 2 tech agent that you want to be added to the thread.