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    Amaze leaves me feeling cheated

      I remember when I first got my HD2 and all the problems I had with it.  Like how I had to return it "5" times and the problems were never fixed.  I remember how hidden dragon and darnell chat and other finally helped me to learn the art of rooting my phone.  Which eventually made my phone into something I enjoyed immensely. I bought the Amaze the first day it came out.  I retired my HD2 that is rooted with Sensation XL Stock Sense 3.5.  I thought surely that HTC and T-mobile had learned from the HD2 debacle and would release a phone that was well tested.  And that any "updates" would be well tested. I guess I was wrong.


      The first thing I missed on the Amaze was the ability to hang up the call by pressing a "button."  No big deal...I got over that in a hurry.

      The honeymoon was great.  During those first few weeks I was without a bluetooth hands-free device because I lost my Plantronics headset.  The headset I used with my HD2 worked like a charm.  (With the headset on the HD2 I could go probably 30 feet away without dropping signal to the headset. AWESOME!!!)  When I finally purchased my new Plantronics headset the reception was terrible.  I thought it must be the headset.  I got a Plantronics Voyager Pro and had the same problem.  2 bad headsets...I had my doubts.  I soon realized how much I loved hands-free devices.  But to get mine to work I have to have my phone right next to it.  I might as well put the phone to my ear. Then I found the post on this forum describing the same problem.  How discouraging I thought.


      To further exacerbate this situation I now find out that the phone doesn't even utilize the "dual-core" processor as it was designed.  It is using a single-core.  Really?  How disappointing.


      Then I find out that HTC hasn't completely unlocked the phone for developers to fix the problems HTC has left us all with...  Really?  I expect so much more out of you HTC.  I used to tell all my iphone friends how HTC smartphones were the bomb and that I like the ability to completely customize my HTC products.


      The Amaze is my 4th different HTC smartphone.  Time for a change?  But thank you HTC for giving me the HD video capabilites that helped me video capture a guy cheating my son, getting me on the local news, and helping to stop people like him from taking advantage of other kids.

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          The limitations to utilizing the dual cores is not the phone, rather it is the OS. You will see this fixed in ICS.  I think the limited range in BT with the Amaze is due to the antenna design.  I believe it is on the back cover like all the other antennas in this phone.  Although I don't disagree with you about locking the phone to developers, I don't believe it is HTC.  I believe it is a decision that T-Mobile makes.  Some may disagree with me but I do firmly believe the carrier has the most influence on whether or not the phone is S-On or S-Off. I also believe though that Android is an open source platform and therefore the source codes should be available for devs to alter.  All-in-all, I think that the manufacturerer and the carriers are smart to S-Lock the phones as most people end up "bricking" their phones while they are experimenting with ROMS, etc. Then they try to return the phone for exchange and blame it on something else so TMO will hopefully replace it.  This ends up costing everyone more money and I happen to like the low rates from TMO.  I can't tell you how often I have read on the forums where people are desperate to get back to S-On and original ROM so TMO doesn't know the software was tampered with and therefore TMO will hopefully replce or repair the phone.

          OP, this is not directed at you, rather just to the points you made in general.  The Amaze is a great phone and will be even better when ICS is available for download. 

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            All great points and couldn't agree more on most.  As far as I am concerned the Bluetooth problem has to be fixed for me to agree with a "great" rating.  A phone with poor bluetooth capabilities is just a fair phone that could have been a "great" phone.


            As for S-On and S-Off, that is above my pay grade.  All I know is that if I brick my phone I hold myself responsible.  I would imagine that there is away to tell if someone "bricked" their phone.  If someone sends it back and it is found out that "they" bricked their phone...charge them at the very least for shipping and diagnostic, whether they opt to pay further charges to get it fixed or not.  Alcohol is a contributing factor to 60,000+ deaths a year.  We don't ban alcohol because there are those people that are responsible drinkers and they shouldn't suffer because of a few idiots.  It should be the same with this phone.  Idiots will always find a way to ***** up the system.


            I can settle for ICS using the dual-core processor, but the bluetooth issue is one that must be addressed.  I bought the phone under the assumption that the dual-core processor worked like it should and the bluetooth worked like it should.  It really skirts the bounds of "false advertising."


            And like you, I am just stating my opinion.  The world would be a better place if we could all talk out our differences and work towards the greater good.  Thanks for responding.

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              I must be lucky then.  I've had problems with the bluetooth only because I forgot to turn my headset off.  Mine connects to my BlueAnt Q1 and Q2 with my car in the garage and me walking around in my house!


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              badgerdave wrote:


              ... but the bluetooth issue is one that must be addressed.

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                I don't really feel cheated. I think the phone takes great pictures, and it really is fast, I am really hopeful that ICS improves the funtionality and responsiveness. HOpefully we will see the software update soon. The problem I have is that I paid for a top of the line phone.  This phone had the best spec that were on the market.  I think that just because it didn't catch on and so many other people bought the galaxy II that we are basically forgotten.  It sounds to me like anyone with ICS automatically has many of the camera features that I foolishly paid extra for...

                About two months ago after posting on this forum for the first time about the dual core not really operating, I received a link to take a survey for HTC thru some third party. It was like a 100 question survey, and it asked about my opinions about all the bloatware.  I answered truthfully that these apps are a joke, i don't use them, and they just drain my battery.  Never received the results of the survey.  I can only assume they took the message to heart since HTC seems to be pushing for a serious comeback with their new lineup of phones. The problem is that t-mobile will load junk onto it,,, and people will wonder why their battery dies at like 2pm.  Its sad we have to root our phone to delete that stupid software tmobile mall which does who knows what.  A top of the line phone should not have gimmick apps on it like some kids toy.  Lastly, I just wish that my phone had vanilla ICS with no lame themes or bloatware.  If HTC wants their phones to stand out they should write some cool apps and or just some extensions that increase functionality, to make people want their BRAND!